ISAF ISAF : Security - Cyber Security - Smart Life - Safety Health - Fire Rescue Thu, 06 Aug 2020 14:19:28 +0000 en-US hourly 1 THE MOST IMPORTANT PRODUCTS OF NEW ERA AND FUTURE ARE EXHIBITED IN ISAF AND IMEX EXHIBITION. Thu, 06 Aug 2020 08:30:07 +0000 During the COVID-19 period, which had a world-wide impact, the importance of some sectors was better understood as they became quite prominent. Along with the prominent sectors such as health, food, hygiene and logistics, the most important sectors of this period have been Security, Cyber Security, Information and Technology.

As we had to stay indoors during this period, we had to carry out almost all works and transactions through information systems and we simply used technology more in our lives. Highlighting the security of these systems that we use, Cyber Security has come to the forefront. Temperatures were measured with thermal cameras at the entrance of almost every building, systems ensuring our safety and security have been continuously at our service during this period and the technical and security personnel controlling these systems have been actively on duty.

The ISAF Exhibition, which will take place for the 24th time on October 8th-11th at Istanbul Expo Center and the IMEX Exhibition, which is taking place for the first time in Turkey are becoming much more significant as the only events in Turkey that cover exactly these matters. While all of the products to be displayed in ISAF and IMEX were products that were gradually gaining more presence in our lives, they quickly became indispensable in our lives in the Covid-19 period.

Products that related more to the security of our lives and property are now products that we rather use for the security of our lives and health. All of the most indispensable products that we make a point of using for both our lives and our health will be displayed with all of their varieties by the most prominent companies in the sector on October 8th-11th at ISAF and IMEX Exhibitions.

TEKNOPALAS TAKES A SEAT AT ISAF 2020! Thu, 06 Aug 2020 07:36:01 +0000 Teknopalas Yuksek Teknoloji Sistemleri has achieved success with many projects in Turkey and abroad since it was founded in 2005. Achieving this success through the solutions it provided and the technologies it developed for the customer needs, Teknopalas has secured its place in the industry as a company acting in line with the objectives of its customers.

Teknopalas, which will take part in the exhibition with works specially prepared for ISAF, will also promote products and solutions such as personnel monitoring system, RTLS, product security, occupational health and safety, live worker monitoring system, RFID tag, RFID software, RFID reader (Handheld and Door Mounted Types), RFID chips, active labels, RFID antennas and RFID system development services.

Teknopalas develops systems that can instantly monitor body temperature, incorporating face recognition and face tracking technologies that can be integrated with live monitoring systems pursuant to its new strategies for 2020. “We plan to develop new solutions to meet the expectations of our visitors with the works of ISAF in 2020 within the framework of our dynamic and innovative level in the RFID and IOT sector in this journey, where we continue to offer consultation services to domestic and foreign public organizations and private companies over our success and experience in RFID & IOT technology with our expert team.”

Teknopalas General Manager Fahrettin OYLUM said, “We think that ISAF enables the efficient establishment of a business network and the effective communication of functions such as the introduction of our works to visitors and potential buyers with the plans made within the framework of possible changes by interpreting the future created by technological developments in the sector.”

We hope Teknopalas will have a productive experience at ISAF Exhibition, which will take place on October 8th-11th in Istanbul Expo Center.

RADIO TEKNOLOJI ATTENDS ISAF EXHIBITION FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 2020! Thu, 06 Aug 2020 07:33:35 +0000 Carrying out its confidence-oriented work with its diligent staff team, knowing the importance and value of their work, Radio Teknoloji develops projects at home and worldwide with their innovative solutions.

Prepared to take part in ISAF 2020 with its old and new brands, Radio Teknoloji aims to have a close relation with the military, police, gendarmerie and municipalities in particular.

Radio Teknoloji General Manager Abdurrahman PEHLIVANOGLU said, “We will be introducing our products and solutions such as outdoor wireless equipment, wireless, wimax, wifi products and border, gendarmerie, military, security, KGYS, EDS and municipal smart city solutions at ISAF 2020, without forgetting that we are in the service sector and acting with the awareness that our customers are our most valuable assets at all times, just as we did in the previous years.

We hope Radio Teknoloji, who previously attended ISAF Exclusive and will now participate for the first time in ISAF Exhibition, which takes place on October 8th-11th in Istanbul Expo Center will have a productive experience.

OZAK IS AT THE ISAF EXHIBITION FOR THE 24TH TIME! Thu, 06 Aug 2020 07:31:26 +0000 Founded in 1974 as the first turnstile manufacturer in Turkey, Ozak also produces road blockers, rising bollards, tire killers and boom barrier product groups. Ozak, which exports to many countries, also offers pedestrian and vehicle access control products solutions for safety, traffic regulation, crowd direction and tracking purposes to its customers.

Ozak Turkey Sales and Marketing Manager Gulsen TASDEMIR said, “We as a company make a point of appearing at each exhibition with certain innovations every year since we attach great significance to R&D. We’ll have innovations in this exhibition as well and we’ll be happy to introduce them. At ISAF 2020, we’ll be displaying pedestrian and vehicle access products that we produce ourselves. We have a product range that is preferred by millions of users all over the world with a wide reference network. We try to bring products from every segment to the extent possible. We are preparing for a great exhibition where we will introduce our innovations and display our existing products.

ISAF is one of our tools whereby we meet with our solution companies and our potential companies and analyze the market. Hence, our expectation once again will be to have a productive exhibition with the right selection of visitors.

ISAF is a very large organization. We consider it a crucial organization, we are always excited to prepare for it and we are honored to be in it. It is a high achiever for our sector. The visitor profile comprises people who are familiar with their line of business and are experts in their field, which makes the exhibition more efficient and of higher quality. We’d like to thank a lot to all who spent efforts for this event.

We hope Ozak will have a productive experience at ISAF Exhibition, which will take place on October 8th-11th in Istanbul Expo Center.

Covid-19 precautions to be taken in our exhibitions Mon, 22 Jun 2020 12:34:17 +0000 Dear ISAF and IMEX Exhibitors and visitors,

As Marmara Fair Organization, we will be making some arrangements for the health of our exhibitors and visitors within the scope of the return to the new normal after the Covid-19 outbreak.

We are doing these arrangements to protect the health of our exhibitors and visitors. We will carry out our business meetings in peace and security by taking precautions and acting in measures, at the ISAF Exhibition and the technology exhibition IMEX, which is going to be the safest exhibition of all periods.

First of all, we would like to remind that almost all of the preventive and prohibitor products used at each point are already within the scope of ISAF and IMEX Exhibition that are existing in the exhibitors’ range of products.

ISAF and IMEX Exhibitions, which cover a large part of thermal cameras, access control systems, thermometers, masks, clothing and all other preventive materials that prevent Covid-19 from spreading, are the most reliable exhibitions due to the product range of the exhibitors.

Some of the precautions we will be taking are as follows: (Our precautions will not be limited to these; they will be shaped by the highest level measures that can be taken according to the conditions of the day and future demands.)

We will take all the necessary precautions in accordance with the conditions of the day to ensure that our exhibitors and visitors receive the highest efficiency from our exhibition by paying attention to their health.

We wish you to have a good and productive exhibition by now!

MULTİ MEKANİK VE MÜHENDİSLİK IS IN ISAF EXHIBITION FOR THE 2nd TIME! Wed, 26 Feb 2020 10:50:07 +0000 BEREKET TEKNIK was established in 2004 as a family company to provide authorized service for ISISAN (BOSCH TERMOTEKNIK). It has become a company that specializes in cooling, has become a company that provides sales, application, post-application maintenance and service services of all cooling devices regardless of brand, and has undertaken contracting works in the field of cooling. The growing Construction Sector and Urban Transformation process has brought the tendency of the construction companies to deal with a single company as ‘MECHANICAL INSTALLATION’. As a result of these developments, the company has made a new leap and merged under the roof of MULTİ MEKANİK VE MÜHENDİSLİK by coming together with companies operating in the field of heating, ventilation, fire, steam and sanitary installation, which are specialized and have specific references.

The company, which will take place at the ISAF Exhibition for the second time this year, believes that ISAF will contribute to the turnover of the products they sell. As a company open for development, MULTİ MEKANİK VE MÜHENDİSLİK aims to be the only authority in the field of “Endothermic Fire Extinguishing”. Visitors who will visit the company stand at ISAF Exhibition, will be able to examine the “Endothermic Fire Extinguisher” products that are automatically activated during any fire and designed for intervention at the first stage. Yunus Karaman, the General Manager of the company, whose ideas were asked about ISAF Exhibition, said that, “ISAF is a necessary and useful exhibition for our company.”

We wish Multi Mekanik ve Mühendislik to have an efficient fair at ISAF Exhibition that will be held in Istanbul Expo Center on 08-11 October 2020.

LİDER YANGIN IS IN ISAF EXHIBITION FOR THE FIRST TIME! Wed, 26 Feb 2020 10:48:27 +0000 Having stepped into the sector since 1991, Lider Yangın, has determined the work focused on quality, after-sales services and customer satisfaction as a vision. Starting the sector with fire extinguishing devices, the company has included services such as fire detection and automatic fire extinguishing systems, CCTV closed circuit camera systems, workplace and worker security systems, project designing, consultancy and training.

The biggest goal of Lider Yangın is to continue the hard work that has taken in order to ensure a safe life for the society and advance in that.

Lider Yangın, which will be a participant in ISAF Exhibition for the first time by 2020, has already started special works for the fair. Planning to make a strong entrance as a company to the ISAF Exhibition, Lider Yangın, will be informing their valuable visitors about their projects as the exhibition date approaches.

Lider Yangın holds positive expectations within the ISAF Exhibition, since it is the biggest fair organization in the sector, to reach new customer potentials and introduce its products to this potential customer network as well. Lider Yangın, which will introduce automatic fire extinguishing systems HFC 227 FK.5.1.12 carbon dioxide and micro fire extinguisher, will be waiting for their visitors.

We wish Lider Yangın to have an efficient fair at ISAF Exhibition that will take place in Istanbul Expo Center on 8-11 October 2020.

KÜPÇELİK IS AT ISAF, THE EXHIBITION OF THE SECTOR! Wed, 26 Feb 2020 10:45:52 +0000 Küpçelik continues its works in the steel sector without limiting its targets. With its experienced staff as a mission, Küpçelik, adopting a happy and healthy future with its valuable customers, has determined its vision as to provide production in all product groups that are open to developments in international quality standards, effective, sensitive to the environment and human health that also meets the expectations of consumers.

The officials of the Küpçelik Company, which will attend the ISAF Exhibition for the second time in 2020, stated that they were very impressed by the crowded and warm environment they saw when they attended the first year. In addition, they expressed their appreciation for ISAF as an exhibition that appeals to all companies of the big and small sector.

Küpçelik officials, who were also asked about their plans for 2020, indicated that, “As sub-sector, destructive competition has occurred against the players that have grown in the cabinet market, there are sales at a loss in the domestic market. We will push the export markets in terms of overcoming these effects. ”

When you visit Küpçelik stand, you will be easily examining the cabin and shelf systems.

We wish Küpçelik to have an efficient fair at the ISAF Exhibition, which will take place in Istanbul Expo Center on 8-11 October 2020.

HOBİ BİLİŞİM IS IN THE ISAF EXHIBITION FOR THE 3RD TIME! Wed, 26 Feb 2020 10:44:03 +0000 Hobi Bilişim was established to produce projects on information and security technologies for public institutions and the private sector. It offers professional solutions with branded products that have proven itself in the field with years of experience and knowledge in the sector. The main field of activity of Hobi Bilişim Company is License Plate Recognition Systems. The company is also one of the leading plate recognition companies of Turkey that attaches importance to the R & D activities as well. With their staff expanding and growing every year, they continue to grow by sustaining the sharing of information and the logic of continuous learning.

Taking place in ISAF Exhibition for the third time Hobi Bilişim, aims to present its brands and products to the visitors in the most efficient way. They aim to evaluate the advantage of being able to make peer to peer communication with their customers who is going to visit Hobi Bilişim at the exhibition. They plan to introduce their newly developed license plate recognition systems specifically for the exhibition. In addition to these new products, visitors who will visit Hobi Bilişim stand will be able to examine highway, parking lot, mobile, weighbridge, license plate recognition systems, paid parking systems, controlled access systems.

 Expressing his evaluations about ISAF Exhibition, Hobi Bilişim General Coordinator Ozan Darendeli indicated that: “ISAF provides a chance to meet our current customers here and also creates a chance to meet our potential customers. It is a very efficient organization in terms of displaying and promoting our newly developed products, and our meetings with our guests from outside the city are very useful. ”

We wish Hobi Bilişim to have an efficient fair at ISAF Exhibition that will be held at Istanbul Expo Center on 08-11 October 2020.

SANAT TEKNOLOJI WILL TAKE ITS PLACE AT ISAF! Thu, 13 Feb 2020 14:53:25 +0000 Sanat Teknoloji is a company established with domestic capital, focused on security sector software since 2003 up to today they provide solutions to all kind of requirements and problems related to information technologies. They also develop alarm control center software, vehicle tracking software and mobile applications for the security industry.

Expressing his thoughts about ISAF 2020 with his assessment, Mustafa Bektaş, General Manager of Sanat Teknoloji, mentioned the importance of the exhibition with these words:

“ISAF Exhibition brings together the leading companies of the security industry allowing the sector to revive and improve quality As Sanat Teknoloji, we try to transfer our necessary investments and studies to our industry, which provides design quality and ease of use in our industry with our domestic and national production and software, to become a brand used both in our country and in the world. At this point, ISAF Exhibition is an important area.”

Providing information about ISAF 2020 and its annual targets, Mr.Bektaş said, “Before the first quarter of 2020, our Prosec wireless products and R&D tests, which continue their R&D tests, will start in 272 regions.” We will ensure that the Prosec brand becomes a product not only for the alarm panel, but also an automation device and a fully wireless smart home system that enables the management of all possible electrical equipment and electronic devices.

Our guests who will visit the Sanat Teknoloji booth at ISAF 2020, will be able to examine the development of the updated version of ‘MyAlarmsis Alarm Kontrol Merkezi‘/ ‘Myalarmsis Alarm Control Center’ software that is used by almost 85% of the Alarm Control Centers in Turkey.

We hope that Sanat Teknoloji will have an efficient exhibition at the ISAF Exhibition, which will be held at the Istanbul Expo Center on October 08-11, 2020.