A leading company Vizyotek which conducts its activities in the field of Biometrics, Control and Safety Technologies since the day it founded in 1999 shall be with us this year in ISAF which is the greatest reunion of the sector.

Vizyotek Technology is the main Turkish distributor of the products it sells. It also offers hardware and software support for the 80% of the companies that are in business on their own sector of software, R&D and making projects. It is one of the rare companies in Turkey that leads their sector in the aspect of distributorships, partnerships, products and solution partners.

Vizyotek software works independently and offers wholesale or project-based products, hardware or software support for the companies that write software, produce projects, and have systems integrator. Vizyotek offers product and project sales support to vendor and project channels.

Vizyotek shall introduce their latest technology facial recognition systems in fair and also they have the followings in their product range; finger print recognition, card pass systems, RFID cards, card press products, pass control turnstile, automatic pass systems, CCTV cameras, video record devices. Company also aims to inform ISAF visitors about developing sector technology with safety systems.