Why ISAF ?

Because ISAF is backed up by an accumulation of:

  • 24 years spent in the industry,
  • 32 ISAF Exhibitions organized,
  • 182 exhibitions organized in the other industries,
  • Hundreds of exhibitions and events attended and visited in various countries,
  • The a&s Turkey magazine published throughout 50 issues and Safety&Health magazine published for 20 issues,
  • Hundreds of meetings and thousands of gatherings made with different segments and companies in the industry,
  • Information shared through thousands of e-mails received from the industry and the users,
  • Articles read, saved in the archive and written for years,
  • Exchange of ideas and works made with academicians and professional advisors,
  • Opinions obtained from decision-makers in the institutions,
  • Data obtained through surveys made in different periods for years

This is because the visitor organization of ISAF involves a very special work:

  • That is conducted with a team who is aware that an exhibition doesn’t consist solely of exhibitors,
  • That considers each visitor as a separate value,
  • Whose every stage is carefully worked with,
  • That is updated according to developing and changing situations in the world,
  • Targeting a visitor segment that is renewed annually,
  • That is, briefly, conducted with the “Philosophy of Marmara Fair Organization”

Because, the exhibitor of ISAF knows:

  • ISAF is the special meeting of the industry where every exhibitor has a sense of belonging.
  • ISAF is designed with the information, requests and feedback received from the exhibitors.
  • All the exhibitors from small to big are able to contribute to the exhibition with their ideas and suggestions.
  • Visitor work is shaped and enriched pursuant to the requests and expectations of the exhibitors.
  • It is planned to ensure that trade connections are established for the exhibitor not just during the exhibition but also after it.
  • Current status of all the technologies worldwide is always considered while project design is made for ISAF.
  • All other industry-specific activities worldwide are also followed and comparison is made.
  • ISAF has maintained its same efficiency even during financially negative and hard periods.

To put it briefly, the exhibitor knows that ISAF is his own exhibition.