ISAF Fire&Rescue

ISAF Fire&Rescue Exhibition Takes Place Under the Title of ISAF Again in 2017

The most important exhibition in our country in the areas of Fire, Emergency and Search and Rescue, Fire&Rescue Exhibition takes place under the title of ISAF again in 2017.

Over 20,000 visitors are aimed this year with the interaction introduced as the other exhibitions under the scope of ISAF and Fire&Rescue Exhibitions are organized altogether.

All kinds of measures regarding fire are in ISAF Fire&Rescue Exhibition…!

We have restructured ISAF Fire&Rescue Exhibition in order for the growth observed over the years of organization with the exhibitors and visitors to offer more benefits to the industry. The scope of the exhibition has been designed to cover the following topics in order to bring together all the segments in the industry as an exhibition where all products beginning from the first to final stage regarding Fire Safety are displayed and which users from every level will follow;

  • Fire retardants, inhibitors,
  • Fire detectors, first response equipment, systems and infrastructures,
  • Fire response and fire extinguishers,
  • Fire escape and post-Fireworks,
  • Disaster Response, Search and Rescue, First Aid

The longest event that “Belongs Only to the Industry” and which brings the industry together
The longest event in Turkey which covers only the fire, emergency and search and rescue industries is without a dispute ISAF Fire&Rescue Exhibition.

As is the case at each of our exhibitions in 2017, at the ISAF Fire & Rescue Exhibition too the reflections of the era of Industry 4.0 as well as the “IoT (Internet of Things)” on the industry will be the main content of our exhibition. In the new period we aim to turn our exhibition, where the changes in the industry will not only be reflected on the products to be exhibited by exhibitors, but also momentously discussed in the activities taking place within the scope of our exhibition, into an event which mirrors the future of the industry.

We invite all the Fire, Emergency, Search&Rescue companies, professionals in the industry, related persons and public institutions to this important and exciting meeting,

in order to take part in the exciting environment of the International ISAF Fire&Rescue Exhibition which we organize specially for the industry under the scope of international specialization exhibition and to take your share from the growing commercial volume of the industry and reinforce your position in the industry!

ISAF Fire&Rescue – Exhibiting Products&Services

  • Fire Prevention Materials
  • Fire Walls
  • Fire Stopper Plates, Curtains & Pillows
  • Fire Stopper Mortars
  • Fire Stopper Fillers
  • Fire Rated Pipe Wrap Strips
  • Fire Rated Pipe Collars & Seals
  • Fire Retardant Paint, Varnish, Lining & Coatings
  • Fire Rated Ceiling Systems
  • Fire Rated Floor Systems
  • Fire Resistant Cables&Laying Systems
  • Fire&Smoke Proof Doors
  • Fire&Smoke Proof Glasses
  • Fire&Smoke Barriers, Curtains
  • Fire&Smoke Dampers
  • Oxygen Reduction Systems
  • Alarms & Detection Systems
  • Detectors
  • Panels & Modules
  • Fire Buttons
  • Flashers & Sirens
  • Distributors & Relays
  • Software
  • Emergency Announce Systems
  • Power Supplies & Batteries
  • Boxes & Cases
  • Fire Brigade Information Systems
  • Test & Maintenance Tools
  • Fire Extinguishing Systems
  • Fire Cabinet & Hose Systems
  • Pump, Valve & Hydrant Systems
  • Portable Extinguishers
  • Foam Extinguishing Systems
  • Sprinkler Extinguishing Systems
  • Stove Hood Extinguishing Systems
  • Gas Extinguishing Systems
  • Micro Extinguishing Systems
  • Fog Extinguishing Systems
  • Powder Extinguishing Systems
  • Fire Water Tanks
  • Escape & Emergency Systems
  • Fire Escape Stairs & Ramps
  • Fire Exit Doors
  • Emergency Lighting & Direction Systems
  • Safety Jumping Cushions & Sheets
  • Escape Chutes
  • Emergency Equipment Cabinets
  • Smoke Extraction & Ventilation
  • Smoke&Heat Extraction Systems
  • Smoke Extraction Fans
  • Fire&Smoke Barriers, Curtains
  • Forced Ventilation Systems
  • Fire Dampers
  • Fire Fighting Vehicles
  • Ladder Fire Trucks
  • Telescopic Boom Fire Trucks
  • Fire Extinguishing Vehicles
  • Trailer Type Fire Trucks
  • Search&Rescue / Emergency Response Vehicles
  • Water Trucks
  • Airborne Fire Fighting Vehicles & Equipment
  • Fire & Heat Proof Clothes, Equipment
  • Fire Proximity Suits
  • Fire Blankets
  • Fireman Helmets
  • Fireman Gloves
  • Fireman Boots
  • Smoke Helmets
  • Gas Masks & Filters
  • Protective Woven Hoods
  • Cooling Vests
  • Fire Resistant Threads, Fabrics & Accessories
  • Fireman Clothes
  • Search&Rescue Equipment
  • Search&Rescue Camera and DVR Systems
  • Victim Locating Systems
  • Rescue System & Equipment
  • Cutting & Separation Equipment
  • Lifting & Pulling Equipment
  • Underwater / Surface Search & Rescue Equipment
  • Generators, Batteries & Charging Systems
  • Stretcher & Accessories
  • Announce & Lighting Systems
  • Stairs
  • Warning Lights & Signs
  • Search&Rescue Tents
  • Telecommunication Equipment
  • Search&Rescue Equipment
  • Search&Rescue Schools
  • First Aid & Medical Equipment
  • Disinfection Equipment & Materials
  • First Aid Materials
  • First Aid Tents
  • Medical Equipment
  • Stretcher & Accessories
  • Ambulances, Mobile Hospitals
  • Inhalers
  • Data Management
  • Other
  • Software
  • Training, Consultancy and Quality Management Companies
  • Risk Analysis and Risk Engineering Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Relevant Institutions, Associations, Chamber and Unions

ISAF Fire&Rescue – Target Visitor

  • Fire Protection Systems, Equipment Sector Companies (Manufacturer, Retailer, Vendor, Installer)
  • Installation Materials Manufacturers and Retailers
  • Fire Department Directorates
  • City Civil Defense Units
  • Civil Defense Search & Rescue Units
  • Directorates of Civil Defense
  • Building-Construction Sector
  • Building Contractor Companies, Contractors
  • Mechanical Installation Contractor Companies
  • Electricity Contractor Companies
  • Cooperative Associations
  • Architects and Engineers
  • Public Bodies
  • Municipalities, Municipality Companies
  • Local Governments
  • Industrial Estates Regional Directorates
  • Turkish Armed Forces, Police Department
  • Chambers of Commerce and Industry
  • Consulates, Embassies, Commercial Attaches
  • Educational Institutions, Universities
  • Banks, Financial Institutions
  • Shopping Centers, Business Centers
  • Retail Industry, Building Markets
  • Large Industrial Institutions and Companies
  • Holdings, Large-Scale Companies
  • Tourism, Accommodation, Entertainment Sector
  • Logistics Companies
  • Sector Associations
  • Other (Exhibitor Requests)