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Albasemi Exhibits at ISAF for the 2nd Time!

Albasemi is a company that operates in the electronic, mechanical, and electromechanical component product categories. It serves many different sectors, including automotive, white goods, consumer electronics, aerospace, and defense.

Among Albasemi’s activities, the supply of component classes stands out. In addition, it produces special solutions for customers’ needs by offering cabling services. Special services such as nano glass supply and LED/LCD/TFT solutions in different sizes and geometric shapes are also included in the company’s product range.

Apart from many global brands they work with, they also represent brands such as SIT, Artery, TMI and Lankersemi.

Serhat Saraç / Albasemi / General Manager
Being in ISAF is of great importance for our company. By bringing together the most up-to-date security technologies and services in the industry, the exhibition will provide a valuable platform for discovering new business opportunities and following industry developments.

With our participation in the trade show, we aim to interact with other professionals in the sector by introducing our products and services to right visitors.

The 2024 ISAF Exhibition, will provide a valuable opportunity to meet other companies in the sector, establish potential business partnerships and develop new collaborations. We plan to obtain latest information about the market by interacting with industry leaders, and to showcase the advantages and technological features of our products by introducing our products and services to a wide & right contacts during the trade show.

Additionally, we aim to receive feedback about our products and services by communicating with customers face to face during the exhibition. This will be a significant opportunity for product development and increasing customer satisfaction. We will also have the opportunity to increase brand awareness through product and service promotion by conducting market research and trend monitoring. We will take our place at ISAF 2024 with our new products in different product groups.

The products to be introduced at ISAF include electromechanical components, active/passive electronic components, mechanical fittings, circular and rectangular TFT panels, LED and lighting solutions, integrated circuits, switches, buttons and switches, nano glass samples in different sizes, shapes and colors, with completed typeset. There will be electronic card samples, aluminum sheet and plastic case/frame samples for which we can offer solutions from start to finish.

We wish Albasemi to have a productive exhibition at ISAF, which will be held at Istanbul Expo Center between 09-12 October.