Cyber ​​defense systems, which were prepared against drones, will take place in 2025.

The world is talking about the recent attack in Saudi Arabia. After the air attacks against the two different oil production facilities of Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil company Saudi Aramco with 10 drones, daily production of the world’s largest oil producer Saudi Arabia has been cut down by 5.7 million barrels per day. Following the attacks, while oil prices increase almost up to 20 per cent per day, Saudi authorities underlined that the return to the previous levels of oil production could take weeks.

This attack has reasserted security concerns about drones that have added attraction in our lives in recent years. According to the experts, who stated that the event which went down in history as the biggest attack with unmanned aerial vehicles to date, was a turning point, one of the biggest challenges of technology companies in the future will be cyber security solutions. While the attack in Saudi Arabia reveals the importance of the issue once again, governments and companies have recently focused on their projects aginst possible drone attacks. And Deutsche Telecom and its corporate IT service provider T-Systems are on top of these companies.


The company, which carries on its activities against the possible threats of the drone industry, aims to provide solutions with its “Magenta Drone Defense Shield” technology against possibility of cyber attacks that the governments and institutions will be faced more frequently in the near future. T-systems Turkey General Manager Sinan Kılıçoğlu, who evaluatde this issue, explained that the ‘drone’ market has also brightened numerically with the researches made. According to the research company Gartner, the size of the market will exceed 11 billion dolars by 2020. Likewise, PwC’s report also reveals that the ‘drone’ market will reach 127 billion dolars over the next 7 years.


Starting from this point, Sinan Kılıçoğlu emphasized that they are working on technology and solutions against possible threats, continued his speech: “Today, nearly 500 thousand of drones are thought to be only in the air in Germany. But, in the USA, this figure is over 1 million. Against the such fast-developing technology our goal is to create a complete defense shield in the field of security technologies. We are waging war against one of the greatest threats of our time, with this ‘Magenta Drone Defense Shield’ technology.”


Sinan Kılıçoğlu, who also shared the details of the developed system, said; “The first condition of prevention of attacks that might ocur with unmanned aerial vehicles is to be determined them correctly. The ‘Magenta Drone Defense Shield’ developed in T-Systems laboratories can detect the location of the pilot, in other words, the control mechanism when the pilot is connected to the unmanned aircraft via wireless network. The purpose of the system with optical, acoustic, radio and radar sensors is to completely protect all buildings in which it is installed against possible attacks “.

Source: www.chip.com.tr