Holding the 2015 CES Innovation Prize in smart home products category, Fibaro is going to take part in ISAF 2015.

Among the leading companies in the smart home systems industry, Fibaro will highlight its motion sensor smart home products which were awarded with CES 2015 in addition to smart sockets, motion sensors, home automation components, smoke, water, door and window sensors in ISAF 2015.

Fibaro had stepped into the Turkish market with such steps that would determine the future of the smart home concept, and was awarded one of the most prestigious technology awards in the world. In this sense, it continues to offer comfort, security and saving altogether and shape the industry.

Paying attention to all the needs of the industry and continuing to improve pursuant to these needs, Fibaro keeps adding new products to its product range with the reputation it built on a global scale and continues to grow.
Fibaro will have its stand and welcome its visitors in ISAF 2015 in B-430 Hall 10 on September 17th-20th, 2015 with all the products it offers for the industry.