ISAF Exclusive Has Successfully Completed Its First Year

The first ISAF Exclusive which was held on 7th-8th-9th March, 2017 at Sheraton Ankara Hotel & Convention Center and brought together very important organizations, institutions, associations and security companies at a very special platform, has ended with success.

The 3-day event was visited by the Head of Security General Directorate Communication Department Dogan Cakar, the Head of Security General Directorate Supply Department Maksut Yuksek, the Head of Security General Directorate Fiscal Affairs Department Arif Erkan Gungor, the Head of Anti Cyber Crimes Department Sabit Akin Zaimoglu and deputy heads. The 3rd day of ISAF Exclusive Conference was inaugurated by Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Head of Cyber Security Department Ilhan Kesgin.

The ISAF Exclusive Exhibition, where the latest technological products and services related to security sector were exhibited, attracted 1638 visitors; the ISAF Exclusive Conference where 61 lecturers who are professionals from the sector brought forward the topics related to all aspects of the security with the participation of 690 audiences through 3 days. A total of 2328 people visited the ISAF Exclusive.

The ISAF Exclusive Exhibition also hosted products and services offering solutions to the security issues that are on the agenda of our country and the whole world. From CCTV’s that inform residents about contingencies with intercom to k-9 dogs that can find potentially hazardous material very easily; range of products and services at the exhibition were at a high level.

Wide range of products from laser and thermal cameras enabling vision for very long distances and playing an important for border security to the cameras offering head count and face detection features for crowded places were offered to the visitors. One of the eye catchers of the exhibition was license plate recognition system which is now mandatory to use for many facilities and have especially important role in detecting and preventing terror attacks.

The ISAF Exhibition which has acquired an important status in security sector has won appreciation from the industry and all stakeholders during the 3-day event in Ankara. Preparations for the next ISAF Security Exhibition and Conference which will be held in 2018 in Ankara have already started.