ISAF Exhibition 2023: Bigger Than Ever Before – ISAF

ISAF Exhibition 2023: Bigger Than Ever Before

ISAF International will be held for the 27th time from September 14th to 17th.

Among the world-renowned trade shows in the sector, ISAF is experiencing remarkable growth this year, surpassing even its pre-pandemic pace. There’s a remarkable 22% expansion in the exhibition space, accompanied by a 13% increase in the number of participants at ISAF. With a notable rise in companies joining directly from abroad, this year’s ISAF is set to be more comprehensive in scope compared to its previous editions.

The most significant factor contributing to this growth in 2023 is the success achieved in the 2022 edition. Building upon the positive outcomes of the 2022 fair, past participants are making the decision to return with expanded presence. Additionally, companies that have never participated before are also making their debut as new participants in the fair.

Organizing concurrently with the ISAF (Security, Cyber Security, Smart Living, and Fire Exhibition), the MOBISAD-IMEX (Mobile Communication and Information Technologies Exhibition) event will contribute to a total booth area of 400 square meters. More than 1,000 companies will exhibit their products at this expansive fair.

In its 27th year, the ISAF Exhibition will present an entirely fresh content and appearance, welcoming entirely new visitors to experience its offerings.

We invite you to join us at this rejuvenated and expanded ISAF Exhibition!