ISAF Security – 25th International Security Systems, Services and Equipment Exhibition

The Exhibition of All Products and Solutions for “Security”!

ISAF Security has been “the only unrivaled exhibition” with the 22 events has been organized up to today on the electronics and systems in security industry.

The aim of ISAF Security Exhibition, which is going to be held on 14-17 October, for the 25th time, is to develop and reinforce its main feature of being the security exhibition where all kinds of products are being displayed in its field.

The representatives of the sector, whom are based on under the security industry, yet were mostly participated in the vertical markets, have started to take place in the “ISAF Security Exhibition” more and more over the years.

Each year, ISAF Security Exhibition working harder in order to enhance its identity as “covering the whole security industry” including new fields and sector representatives into the scope of the exhibition. In order to achieve this target, ISAF Security Exhibition is expanding its exhibition events largely.

As a result of these targets, the efforts are focused on to bring all zones and stakeholders of the security sector together and to contribute into the security sector to achieve its capacity even as stronger.

2021 ISAF Security Exhibition is holding the specialties as follows:

  • All the different sectors of the security industry is participated and visited
  • All kinds of products in the security sector are gathered inside
  • Dozens, hundreds of different types and models of each product are exhibited
  • All products of domestic and international brands are exhibited assuredly
  • Providing the world’s latest technologies on all the products and solutions
  • Foreseeing of future trends
  • Introducing many products for the first time in beloved country
  • Following all the manufacturers, sellers, distributors, dealers and all the other segments related to the industry
  • Ensuring the purchase of productions related to the sector, by their practitioners and buyers.
  • Allowing the sector companies to explain their position and assets in the sector
  • Discussing and reviewing the latest trends in the sector

In summary, it will be a great meeting where all the stakeholders of the sector will meet at one point and all kinds of products in the sector can be found at once.

We invite all representatives of the sector to take part as a participant in the “25th Security Exhibition” which in the only security exhibition.

Exhibiting Products & Services

  • CCTV and Surveillance Systems
    • Cameras
    • CCTV Cameras
    • Night Vision and Thermal Cameras
    • Digital Video Recorders (DVR)
    • Video Recorders and Printers
    • Monitors, Monitoring Systems
    • Signal Receiving, Visualising and Recording Equipment
    • Lenses
    • Multiplexers
  • Burglar Alarms
    • Intruder Alarms & Equipment
    • Centralised Alarm Systems
    • Sound Alarms
    • Movement Sensors
    • Detectors
    • Control Panels
    • Receivers-Transmitters
    • Warning and Signalling Systems
    • Sirens, External Sirens
    • Auxiliary Equipment
  • Alarm Centers, Control Centers
  • Access Control Systems &  Equipment
    • Access Control Systems
    • Intercoms
    • ID Cards
    • Proximity Cards
    • Card Readers, Wireless Card Readers
    • Barcodes and Barcode Equipment
    • Data Collection and Management Systems
    • Turnstiles
    • Biometric Systems
    • X-Ray Systems and Equipment
    • Door Monitoring and Control Systems
    • Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems
    • Locks (Mechanical / Electric)
    • Key Cabinets
  • Security Services, Patrol Equipment
    • Security Services
    • Patrol Clothing
    • Patrol Equipment
    • Electronic Patrol Monitoring Systems
    • Patrol Clocks
  • Security Education, Academies, Schools
  • Perimeter Security Systems
    • Perimeter Security Systems
    • Fences, Grills
    • Barriers, Doors
  • Vehicle Security, Security Vehicles
    • Vehicle Security, Vehicle Alarms
    • Security Vehicles, Armoured Vehicles
    • Bullet Proof Vehicle Glasses
    • License Plate Reading Systems
  • Store & Goods Security Systems
  • Other Security Equipment, Materials
    • Safes, Containers and Special Cabinets
    • Security Doors / Shutters
    • Break Glass Detection
    • Security & Safety Lighting
  • Telecommunication Systems
    • Mobile & Wireless Communication Systems
    • Emergency Communication Systems
    • Call-Page Systems
    • Nurse Call Systems
    • Buzzer Systems
    • Wireless Phones
  • Rfid Hardware-Software
    • Rfid Tag
    • Rfid Printer
    • Rfid Middleware
    • Rfid Module
    • Rfid Writer
    • Rfid Reader
    • Rfid Chip
    • Active Tag
    • Rfid Antennas
    • Rfid Stations
    • Other Rfid Related Products
    • Other Measurement Hardware
    • Rfid System Development Service, Consulting

Target Visitor