ISAF Security – 26th International Security and Homeland Security Systems, Equipment and Services Exhibition

Being the only exhibition that comes to mind when speaking of “Security”, ISAF covers the homeland security equipment as of 2022. Having been held since 1999 and now meeting the demands from the sector companies and especially top-ranking visitors and procurement committees from abroad, ISAF begins to host Homeland Security Equipment as of 2022.

Being the sector’s “only security exhibition” without an alternative about electronics and security with the 25 events hosted since the first day it was held, ISAF Security Exhibition will, as of 2022, be held as one with a wider range of participation where products in the fields of Homeland Security and National Security are also to be exhibited. ISAF Security Exhibition that will be enriched by meeting the demand brought about by especially the increasing number of visits of officials and decision-makers in recent years from the Turkish Armed Forces, the General Directorate of Security, General Command of Gendarmerie, and institutions related to Security and Defense will appeal to a wider group thanks to its new scope.

The goal of the ISAF Security Exhibition which will be held on October 13-16 is to enhance and consolidate its feature of being the “THOROUGHGOING SECURITY EXHIBITION” where any sort of products related to “security” is exhibited. In parallel with expanding its range of participants with the sectors added into the scope of the exhibition based on the demands from different sectors every year, visitors and buyers from various segments visit the exhibition.

In brief, 2022 ISAF Security Exhibition will be a stunning convention where all the partners of the sector will meet at a single event where

  • Sectors related to the homeland security participate and exhibit their products,
  • Each and every array of products of all the sectors stated under the Security title are exhibited in full,
  • Visitors related to Security join visitors in the field of Homeland Security,
  • Various products in the fields of Security and Homeland Security come together at one point,
  • Tens of, hundreds of different kinds and models of every product are exhibited,
  • Products of all the national and international brands are definitely exhibited,
  • The latest technology in the world is presented in all the products and solutions,
  • Many products are debuted domestically, upcoming trends can be analyzed,
  • Manufacturers, vendors, distributors of the sector as well as all other segments absolutely follow,
  • Buyers and operators purchase the products related to the sector.

All the representatives of the sector are invited to join us as a participant in the only Security and Homeland Security Exhibition taking place for the 26th time.

ISAF Security – Exhibiting Products & Services

  • CCTV and Surveillance Systems
    • Cameras
    • Video Recorders and Printers
    • Monitors, Monitoring Systems
    • Lenses
  • Security Alarms
    • Security & Equipment
    • Centralised Alarm Systems
    • Motion Sensors and Detectors
    • Control Panels
    • Receivers-Transmitters
    • Warning and Signal Systems
  • Alarm Centers, Control Centers
  • Access Control Systems & Equipment
    • Turnstiles
    • X-Ray Systems and Equipment
    • Biometric Systems
    • Intercoms
    • Cards, Card Readers
    • Barcode, RFID and Equipment
    • Door Monitoring and Control Systems
    • Under Vehicle Imaging Systems
    • Locks (Mechanical / Electric)
  • Security Services, Patrol Equipment
  • Security Education, Academies, Schools
  • Perimeter Security Systems, Barrier, Fence
  • Vehicle Security, Security Vehicles
  • License Plate Reading Systems
  • Store and Merchandise Security Systems
  • Other Security Equipment, Materials
    • Safes and Special Cabinets
    • Security Doors/Gates, Shutters
    • Glass Break Detectors
    • Security Lighting
  • Telecommunication Systems
    • Mobile & Wireless Communication Systems
    • Emergency Communication Systems
    • Call-Page Systems
    • Nurse Call Systems
    • Buzzer Systems
    • Wireless Phones
  • RFID Hardware-Software
    • RFID Tag
    • RFID Printer
    • RFID Middleware
    • RFID Module
    • RFID Writer
    • RFID Reader
    • RFID Chip
    • Active Tag
    • RFID Antennas
    • RFID Stations
    • Other RFID Related Products
    • Other Measurement Hardware
    • RFID System Development Service, Consulting


  • Telecommunication Devices, Radios, Radio transmission, Information Exchange Equipment
  • Radars, Satellite Devices, Antennas and Equipment
  • Access Control, Road and Zone Control Equipment
  • Traffic Systems, Transportation Security
  • Unmanned Vehicles, Robots, Management and Control Systems
  • Mine and Sweeping, Bomb Detection and Disposal
  • Drones, Drone Defense and Prevention Systems
  • Surveillance, Tracking and Intelligence Equipment
  • Search and Inspection Equipment
  • Forensics, Criminal and Investigation Equipment, Measurement, Analysis, Test
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