ISAF Smart Life – 12th International Smart Life and Smart Buildings Exhibition – ISAF

ISAF Smart Life – 12th International Smart Life and Smart Buildings Exhibition

Smart Cities… Smart Facilities… Smart Offices…
Smart Buildings… Smart Residences…
Smart Life… Smart Products…

Smart Solutions and Smart Technologies…
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at ISAF Smart Life Exhibition!

Smart Life and Smart Buildings Exhibition “ISAF Smart Life” is preparing for the 12th time to bring together all the sectors listed under the main title of Smart Solutions and Smart Technologies as well as all the other partners of the sector on 14-17 September, 2023.

Being held within the scope of ISAF Exhibition which is the most profound domestic event comprising state-of-the-art technology, ISAF Smart Life Exhibition covers all the smart systems and devices ranging widely from Smart City systems to smart devices used individually. ISAF Smart Life is comprised additionally of all the systems and devices used under the main titles of smart cities, smart buildings and smart devices along with different product groups and components that incorporate these systems.

With all the devices connected to the Internet in synchronicity with the advancing technology, the infrastructures that enable the intercommunication of all these devices are making further advances every day. The intercommunication capability of these devices also allows for widespread use of smart systems which simplify our lives in every field of our lives.

All the components, ranging from the smallest one to the biggest one, which are essential for the self-management via intercommunication of the devices in use in a broad spectrum covering many parts of the city we live in and individual uses and comprising the systems that incorporate into our daily lives the “Smart Systems” term which makes our lives easier with the advancing technology will be exhibited at the ISAF Smart Life Exhibition.

Exhibiting the products which are followed with curiosity and excitement by the tens of thousands of expert visitors of the sector who have been regularly following the ISAF Exhibition for years, ISAF Smart Life also hosts a trade volume growing every year, and numerous companies from all around the country also merge into this sector thanks to this exhibition. This demonstrates that ISAF Smart Life has achieved its target and objective as to broaden the sector and become the meeting point of the sector, and that this will also improve in the future.

All the sector companies are kindly invited to participate in ISAF Smart Life Exhibition where

  • All sorts of products and solutions related to the Smart Life are compromised,
  • The most up-to-date and most debated topics in recent periods in the world are included,
  • Technologies of the future beyond today’s technologies are exhibited,
  • The systems which will be used more broadly in our daily lives in the future are introduced,
  • The most distinguished domestic and foreign companies and brands of the sector are exhibited,
  • A substantial portion of the trade volume of the sector is generated, and the direction of the sector market is to be set.
ISAF Smart Life – Exhibiting Products & Services

  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Governance
  • Smart Environment
  • Smart Transportation, Smart Traffic
  • Smart Healthcare, Healthcare Facility
  • Smart Economic and Financial Institutions
  • Smart Energy, Renewable Energy
  • Disaster and Emergency Management
  • Smart Buildings, Green and Healthy Buildings
  • Smart Facility, Residence, Office Management
  • Smart Network and Meters, Smart Lighting
  • Smart Security, Safety, Fire and Emergency
  • Smart Vehicles, Vehicle Control Management and Tracking
  • Smart Finance, Payment, Purchase
  • Smart Individual Devices
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Telecommunication Technologies
  • Information Technologies
  • Information Security
  • Infrastructure Equipment, Systems and Products


  • Tablets, Computers and Mobile Devices
  • Watches and Other Portable Devices
  • Sensors
  • Smart Consumer Electronic Products
  • IR and RF Devices
  • Smart White Appliances
  • Geolocation Devices
  • Smart Switches, Plugs


  • Modules, Boards
  • Software, Applications
  • Panels, Touchpads
  • Remote Controls, Smart Remotes
  • Mobile Device, Phone, Tablet Management
  • Heating Control, Thermostats
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