ISAF, Eurasia’s leading event in the sectors of Security, Fire, Occupational Health and Safety, Smart Homes and IT ​​Security, brings a brand new event in to the sector; ISAF SUMMIT 2017!

ISAF, which is the biggest event that awaited eagerly for the whole year , is preparing to host ISAF SUMMIT, which will be “sector summit meeting” this year.

This huge summit which will take place on 14-16 September 2017 concurrently with the industry’s leading fair ISAF. Events organized in the previous years with various topics at different times  will be gathered under one roof for the first time.

The motto of “The perspective of Future” which is the main theme of all times of ISAF and the  contents of “Smart Solutions” theme will be shaping the content of the conferences. At ISAF Summit, the technological developments in recent years and the daily reflection of these developments will be summarized. All the topics covered up to now in different events and all information will be gathered at the conferences and workshops of this comprehensive summit.

One of the important influences of our rapidly developing technologies is the Smart Buildings / Smart Homes / Smart Offices / Smart Cities that we are describing as “Smart Solutions”. All these technologies, which we have considered as  the main title of ISAF for the past 5 years and which are defined as smart, will form the main content of ISAF Summit.



ISAF SUMMIT, which will take place concurrently  with ISAF Fair, will be a sector summit.

The summit will include conferences, panels, solution displays, workshops, product demonstrations and many other activities. The congress will be held to discuss critical issues related to “Future of Dynamic Security and Safety” and the solution proposals will be evaluated to share sectoral developments and innovations.

Main theme:

The Perspective of Future


Smart Solutions


One of the most important effects of the rapidly developing technologies is to start to manage our daily life and our living spaces by using technology.

Depending on the scope and context of the subject covered, we can remote many things in our living spaces that we have defined as Smart Cities / Smart Facilities / Smart Buildings / Smart Homes / Smart Offices  via a single control center.

We could even go a few steps further to manage all of these systems with mobile devices which every individual now owns at least one. These systems, which we can remote via mobile devices that we have in our pockets, have become more and more convenient every day.

The following topics related to smart solutions in the context of “ISAF Summit” will be discussed with sub-topics;

  • What’s the contribution of “smart systems” to my life?
  • Do smart systems have negative effects as well as facilitating our lives?
  • Smart Systems make our life easier. What about contributing to our health and safety?
  • Do smart systems contribute fire prevention, fire detection, fire-fighting?
  • Relating to Occupational Health, how will it help to our overall health?
  • How will it benefit to Occupational Health and Safety?



  • To discuss all the issues related to the sector by gathering  various sectoral events  for 4 days in one spot
  • In addition to the biggest fair in the sector, conferences, panels, solution demonstrations, workshops, product demonstrations and many other events are gathered under one roof,
  • To be a unique platform that unites Security, Fire, Occupational Health, Smart Buildings and IT ​​Security sectors with all related segments,
  • To bring together all the components of the sector from top level public institutions to all sector professionals, from sector companies to end- users, from academicians to university students, from sectoral NGOs to media,
  • To guide the future of the security and safety industry by addressing critical issues and offering proposals for solutions by industry leaders and professionals,
  • To catch up with sectoral technologies and latest trends comparatively,
  • To make Istanbul a hub of Security, Safety, IT Security, Smart Building and OHS industries.