Okisan Security Technologies is a company that sells electronic security devices CCTV systems through its dealer network. Having access to about 5000 project/implementation companies stored in its portfolio, OKİSAN A.Ş. currently offers product and project support services to many project / implementation companies in their domestic and overseas projects.

The company will promote its DAHUA brand security camera systems, intercom, access systems, laser, thermal systems and new technologies in the CCTV systems in ISAF.

Areas of use of Okisan Security Technologies products. They range from offices to houses, public organizations to forests and city security to military and industrial areas.

It successfully delivers the products of prominent brands which its expert team carefully selects and imports from many countries in the world to on average 4,500 vendors in all the provinces and regions of Turkey as well as to its vendors located in TRNC, North Africa, Middle East and Central Asia and offers technical consultation for project solutions.

We hope OKISAN has an efficient experience in ISAF Exhibition, which will take place on October 17th-20th, 2019 in Istanbul Expo Center.