Radio Teknoloji is at ISAF for the 10th time! – ISAF

Radio Teknoloji is at ISAF for the 10th time!

Radio Teknoloji closely follows the evolving technologies in the wireless network sector and adapts innovations according to the demands of the current era, continuously enhancing the added value of the solutions they provide to their customers and partners. They consider all their efforts as a long-term investment.

The most significant factor in their participation in the ISAF Exhibition is their awareness of ISAF being a fair that brings together all components of the sector and is at a high level. Their aim in participating in the exhibition is to establish close relationships, especially with the military, law enforcement, gendarmerie, and municipalities.

We wish them a productive exhibition at the ISAF Exhibition, which will take place at the Istanbul Expo Center from September 14th to 17th!