The ISAF Summit, which brings together the pioneers of security, safety, fire protection and smart homes industries and where critical issues related to the sector will be discussed and proposals for solutions will be offered, will be held in Istanbul Expo Center concurrently with ISAF Fairs on 14-16 September.

The 2017 topic and the summit program of this huge organization which conferences, product demonstrations  and workshops will be organized in was revealed. All industry leaders, professionals and academics will evaluate sectoral developments and every stage of innovation for 3 days.

“OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY and NEW TRACES OF SAFE LIFE” conferences will take place in EFES Saloon on 15 & 16 September;

SMART HOME & FIRE PREVENTION “NEW TREND SAFE LIFE WITH TECHNOLOGY” conferences will be held in KAPADOKYA Saloon on 14th, 15th and 16th of September.

Please register online at: to join this summit, where all industry leaders and professionals will meet to guide the future.

For detailed summit program