Teknopalas Yuksek Teknoloji Sistemleri has achieved success with many projects in Turkey and abroad since it was founded in 2005. Achieving this success through the solutions it provided and the technologies it developed for the customer needs, Teknopalas has secured its place in the industry as a company acting in line with the objectives of its customers.

Teknopalas, which will take part in the exhibition with works specially prepared for ISAF, will also promote products and solutions such as personnel monitoring system, RTLS, product security, occupational health and safety, live worker monitoring system, RFID tag, RFID software, RFID reader (Handheld and Door Mounted Types), RFID chips, active labels, RFID antennas and RFID system development services.

Teknopalas develops systems that can instantly monitor body temperature, incorporating face recognition and face tracking technologies that can be integrated with live monitoring systems pursuant to its new strategies for 2020. “We plan to develop new solutions to meet the expectations of our visitors with the works of ISAF in 2020 within the framework of our dynamic and innovative level in the RFID and IOT sector in this journey, where we continue to offer consultation services to domestic and foreign public organizations and private companies over our success and experience in RFID & IOT technology with our expert team.”

Teknopalas General Manager Fahrettin OYLUM said, “We think that ISAF enables the efficient establishment of a business network and the effective communication of functions such as the introduction of our works to visitors and potential buyers with the plans made within the framework of possible changes by interpreting the future created by technological developments in the sector.”

We hope Teknopalas will have a productive experience at ISAF Exhibition, which will take place on October 8th-11th in Istanbul Expo Center.