TUYAFED Cooperation at ISAF and IMEX Exhibitions – ISAF

TUYAFED Cooperation at ISAF and IMEX Exhibitions

A cooperation and support agreement has been signed with TUYAFED (Turkiye Software Developers Federation) at IMEX Technology & Information Exhibition and ISAF Security, Cyber Security, Smart Life, Fire and OHS Exhibition.

Within the framework of the cooperation we have facilitated, the countries with which TUYAFED has signed cooperation protocol have been invited as the board to ISAF and IMEX Exhibitions which will be held on October 13-16 for bilateral negotiations with the purpose of increasing the share of our domestic companies in the international markets.

  • Brazil
  • Russia
  • Serbia
  • Montenegro
  • Romania
  • Bangladesh
  • Paraguay
  • Ukraine

(These are the countries with which agreements have been fulfilled as of March 31st, Mart 2022. The number of countries is expected to reach 50 before the exhibition.)

All of the companies and professionals of our software sector will have been invited to the negotiations.

We thank the Board of Directors of TUYAFED for this special cooperation, and we hereby invite all the companies of the technology and information sector to participate in the ISAF and IMEX Exhibitions.