After a long time last 50 days to ISAF Exhibition…! – ISAF

After a long time last 50 days to ISAF Exhibition…!

Dear Friends,

We have only 50 days left to say hello to ISAF Exhibition after a 2-year break due to the pandemic.

ISAF Exhibition, which will take place at the Istanbul Expo Center on October 14th-17th, will be an event that will bring the sector together as usual. For this purpose, we carry out all our preparations meticulously down to the smallest detail. Compared to the pre-pandemic period, we spend more time and work more.

We went through a strange period surrounding the whole world and now we can see that we have come to the end. Although we are in an ongoing process, it is a fact that we are well ahead of the situation when we first encountered the disease. Vaccinations have been largely completed and continue to be inoculated.

Although we spent a part of this 2-year period without organizing a fair and away from the office, we tried to spend this period as efficiently as possible with studies such as improving our infrastructure, conducting research, and updating our data. We also believe that we will get the reward of these efforts at our fair on October 14th-17th.

Beyond the belief, the reactions we get from the industry show us that the ISAF Exhibition, which we will organize for the 25th time, will go very well without any shortcomings compared to the past years. There is no doubt that the phrase we hear the most during this period is “We missed the fairs so much, we want the fairs to start as soon as possible”. Not only the exhibitors, but also the visitors conveyed this sentence and different expressions with the same meaning to us with a great deal.

We have been working for the 25th ISAF Fair for 2 years. However, our main work started as of the beginning of August. The first thing we do is to call sector companies. Afterwards, we call everyone who has visited our fairs in years and then potential visitors. We also shared the results of our calls with our e-mail announcements. To summarize in general; we get more than 85% response from sector companies calls as ““We will visit the fair”. The remaining 15% state that their visit to the fair is uncertain. The number of companies that we received a definite negative response is under 2%.

Even these data show that ISAF Exhibition will be very lively again. However, we didn’t stop there. One of the important fairs of our country in the field of defense was held in mid-August and we followed this fair every day. The number and quality of the visitors and the activity at the fair showed us that we are on the right track.

In addition, the software infrastructure that our company has been using for years is in a structure that matches our exhibitors and visitors in terms of supply and demand. We also believe that our exhibitors will use this system more actively in 2021, which they have not used in previous years. This system, which we have been familiar with recently with definitions such as virtual fair / virtual event, has been present in our infrastructure for many years. We expect this system to be actively used by our exhibitors and visitors in 2021.

We are getting ready for 14th-17th October with full capacity work. And we can see that the ISAF Exhibition will be as effective as always. We recommend our friends, who are already our exhibitors, to prepare well for the ISAF Exhibition, and to all our friends who are representatives of the sector and who are considering becoming one, not to miss the ISAF Exhibition.

After a 2-year break, we are all looking forward to the ISAF Exhibition, where we will all come together as in the old days.

Hope to meet you on 14th-17th October.

I greet all our friends with respect…

Feridun Bayram
Marmara Fair Org.