ISAF is getting ready to meet with exhibitors and visitors for the 19th time at Istanbul Expo Center (IFM) between September 17th-20th, 2015.

Marmara Fair Organization and Ant Expo which work together for years in international visitor organizations and foreign marketing projects speed up their works for 2015. Ant Expo which has started to introduce exhibitions to its agencies for international visitors has met up with its agencies from Sudan, Morocco, Dubai, Bulgara, Algeria, and Iraq in Turkey at March. Ant Expo which has introduced ISAF to its agencies has also delivered all booklets and invitations regarding the exhibition in order to be distributed in agencies’ countries.

Ant Expo, which has turned towards for ISAF particularly visitors from Middle East, keeps working for visitors from Balkans, Turkic Republics and Africa to participate the exhibition.

ISAF, which has designated the target countries in Middle East as Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE, in Balkans as Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo, in Turkic Republics as Georgia, Armenia, Turkmenistan, in Africa as Tunis and Cubuli, has planned to gather even more international procurement committee regarding past years into the exhibition.