Arma Kontrol takes its place at ISAF for the 22nd time! – ISAF

Arma Kontrol takes its place at ISAF for the 22nd time!

Arma Kontrol, established in 2006 as a Turkish company, operates in the Security Barrier Systems sector. Products developed by its engineers through design and R&D activities, and successfully passing international crash tests, reflect Arma Kontrol’s goal of promoting the name of a Turkish company worldwide.

Koray Kartal / Arma Kontrol / General Manager:
We participate in ISAF regularly every year, and each participation brings significant contributions to us. It is an honor for us to be part of the event. At this year’s ISAF Exhibition, we hope that our newly designed products will attract the attention of visitors and that we can address the needs of our guests.

At ISAF 2024 Exhibition, we will introduce Design Barriers, Artificial Intelligence Integrated Mobile Application Solutions, Artificial Intelligence Integrated Barrier Systems, Unmanned Payment Systems, Crash-Tested Barriers, Smart City Solutions, Road Blocker System, Bollard Barrier System, Arm Barrier System, Ground Trap, and Parking Systems.

We wish Arma Kontrol a successful exhibition at ISAF, which will take place at the Istanbul Expo Center from October 10th to 13th.