Barfas, one of the leaders of the automatic identification systems, is taking part at the ISAF Security Exhibition, for the first time.

During the ISAF 2019 Exhibition, Barfas primarily aims to bring together its own products, such as UHF RFID readers and antennas, HF card readers and biometric reader devices, that are used in the markets, with the users, and then, to introduce RFID handheld terminal devices, on which they have been working hard, in case of the R&D process completes.

Also, there will be price campaigns and launching of their new products, special for the ISAF Exhibition. In addition, they will provide users with the opportunity to practically experience the product at the product demo stand.

“The ISAF Exhibition, which we have been following and visiting approvingly for a long time, is an important exhibition that leads to the security, RFID and access control industry. On this wise, we aim to expand our customer portfolio, primarily in our country, and  then in export markets, and to introduce our technology products, which have been developed by the 100 % domestic engineers, to integrators or end users.

We have seen many times that the stakeholders of the sector came together and created more effective collaborations and more innovative solutions under the roof of this exhibition. So, we would like to take this opportunity to thank those who contributed to the exhibition.” Faik BAHAROGLU, Co-Founder of Barfas said, regarding the ISAF Security Exhibition.