BOYUT Guvenlik that has been exhibiting at ISAF Exhibition for many years without interruption kept the tradition at ISAF 2021.

Boyut Guvenlik General Manager Okan DANYILDIZ: “ISAF is the only organization that proved its efficiency domestically in the area of security. Meeting point of all companies that give direction to and are active in security sector, ISAF is an organization with high added value where companies in the sector find the chance to examine and assess new products and software.

We are excited about ISAF 2021. Just like the entire world, we had to spend the major part of 2020 and 2021 working at a distance and in isolation due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. We had many customers that we could not come together or visit due to this reason. Thus, ISAF 2021 will be an organization where we will be able to come together with our Dealers, Integrators, and Customers, in a way catch up with each other, make presentations to add new customers to our portfolio. Also in 2020 we completed all our certificates and received “Local XRay Producer” document but could not launch or present it to our customers due to the Covid-19 Pandemic as how we wanted to. We are extra excited to find the chance at ISAF 2021.

We will launch the XRay devices we started production under Boyut Detection brand at ISAF 2021 and will share the thrill and force of being the “Local XRay Producer” with our customers. Also, on the road we started with the aim of becoming the main supplier of Safety Systems, we are working as distributor of Access Control Systems, Intercom Systems and Hikvision distributor at Alarm Systems, and UNV distributor at CCTV product group. Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, we have been continuing to provide Thermal Thermometers and HES Code Inquiry System solutions and services. This year we will also have some campaign efforts at ISAF with brands we are distributors of.

At our stand at ISAF 2021, there will be Xray Device, Metal Door Detector, Hikvision Access Control Products, Hikvision Video Intercom Products, Hikvision Burglar Alarm Products, UNV Cameras and Recording Devices, by-products for Camera Systems (Cabinet, Junction Box, Cable, Pole, etc.).”