Düzce 99 AKE Participating in ISAF for the 1st Time! – ISAF

Düzce 99 AKE Participating in ISAF for the 1st Time!

The associations that previously had their experience with ISAF within the body of the Community Disaster Platform and the UKSAR (National Reconnaissance, Search & Rescue Association) express their pleasure at their participation this year in ISAF within the body of Düzce 99 AKE for the first time. They state that they will improve themselves based on the thought that integration with the search & rescue associations has been reached at ISAF where the leading companies of the security sector will come together.

As a search & rescue association, of Düzce 99 AKE is planning to make a presentation at ISAF on what simple and theoretical first aid should be rendered in case of a disaster or crisis that we might face in our daily lives.

Headquartered in Düzce, the goals of Düzce 99 AKE for 2023 include opening a branch in Istanbul, and consequently continuing their operations in the direction of improving professionally. They aim at providing preparedness against earthquakes and similar natural disasters via developing social awareness in the fields of crisis management, disaster psychology, and first respond.

We kindly wish Düzce 99 AKE an efficient experience at the ISAF Exhibition that will be held at the Istanbul Exhibition Center on 14-17 September, 2023.