ERETE BILGI VE GUVENLIK SISTEMLERI takes its place among the exhibitors of ISAF

Erete Bilgi ve Guvenlik Sistemleri got into the industry in 2001 with a purpose to meet the needs of end users through its distribution network by blending its knowledge and experience with overseas manufacturers in areas of Copper/Fiber Structural Cabling needs for IT and CCTV network infrastructure and Backbone, Edge, Outdoor Industrial Switch and Fiber Optic Converters needed in the system by the Security and Information Industry. The company also offers training and project development for the products it distributes and improves its success every passing day with the pride of providing crafted service with its mission of being the Network School.

The XPCABLE Structural Cabling brand, which is distributed by Erete Bilgi ve Guvenlik Sistemleri, has international UL/ETL/DELTA certificates and offers a Lifetime System Performance Warranty. XPCable is produced in Taiwan and used in infrastructure projects in many countries around the world.  In addition, the company has entered the Industrial Switch market in recent years with the XPS Active System brand and is making significant progress towards having a corner on the market with its 4, 8, 24 and 48 port indoor PoE and Industrial switches. The ETHERWAN brand, which is distributed by Erete since its foundation, can offer advanced technology and performance products in Industrial Switch and Fiber Optic Converters. The company meets the needs for fiber-ported backbone switches and PoE indoor environment switches through the Edge-Core brand it distributes. In the market, the brand is making progress in Open Network switches and has a very good reputation in the domestic and global market in this field. Also, the company distributes the products of FlukeNetworks, a market leader with high performance devices in testing and analysis of networks, and offers training on this subject as well.

In 2018, Erete, a company that has been exhibiting at the ISAF Exhibition for many years, is planning to promote XPS Industrial Switch products and introduce the product it will use in the secure school project.  Also, the company will introduce its products and services through its B2B site at

Regarding the promotion to be made at the exhibition, the company’s executives shared their views and references. “We aim that the products we import will be used in the outdoor security camera campus projects as the target sector. In particular, there are wrong practices in Turkey. The consumer who sees that the industrial switches needed in outdoor environment cost more than the indoor switches may prefer to use indoor environment products as outdoor products thinking that nothing would happen. The dealer who wants to get the project misleads the user and the user looks for a low-cost solution and this results in infrastructure problems in the future. As ERETE, we are striving to increase the awareness level of both the dealer and the user and overcome possible future infrastructure problems.

Since we are an importer and distributor company, we deliver our products to the end users through the dealers. However, it is our job to introduce the intended uses and superior features of the products to end users. To this end, we organize training seminars and introductory meetings in many provinces of our country and participate in local and international exhibitions. Our products are used safely in many major project infrastructures in Turkey. The fact that Etherwan Industrial Switches are preferred in the infrastructure of 3rd Airport and surrounding roads and additional unit project of Sabiha Gokcen Airport are among our references as a source of pride.”