ETB Elektronik Digital Brand and Marketing Manager F. Gulsah DIZAR KARADAG: “We believe that ISAF is a major organization bringing the sector together. We witness the strength of its international effect in its recognition by our international manufacturer brands.

Our expectation from ISAF 2021 is to find the chance to observe improvements in the sector, having a broad participation of international and local companies, and maximum use of announcement, advertisement, and marketing opportunities ensuring potential customers would visit.

ISAF 2021 will be the first exhibition where we will introduce our IAD (Identity Access Device)! We are bringing together end users and organizations with the device. We will present new generation products at Biometric access control at our stand.

As ETB, we will exhibit at ISAF 2021 with our access control and safety systems products and solutions. We will exhibit UBio X Face, Thermal sensor, Pro Lite, AC 2100, and AC 5000 products of VIRDI that is one of our manufacturer brands. In addition, we will display to visitors how new generation ID check is conducted with IAD (Identity Access Device) that is our new product which we are also the manufacturer and certificate.