Every Field in “Security”!

International ISAF Security Exhibition is being held for the 19th time as the only activity that brings together the sector.

As a result of the operations which we conducted for 3 years to make ISAF Security Exhibition an exhibition which covers any kind of security products that we define with the Total Security Solutions theme included in the “Total Security Solutions and Comfort” motto which establishes the main concept of ISAF, the exhibition has become one where a wider range of products is exhibited every year. Future goal is to make ISAF Security Exhibition an exhibition which will cover security services, security consultancy, such products as fences, doors, safes, locks, safety glass, grating, shutter systems which pose great importance in security, security tools, in other words, any kind of products that is used while providing security.



Being Turkiye’s only exhibition related to the “information and network security” that is recently one of the most discussed issues around the world, International ISAF IT Security Exhibition is preparing for the 4th time to bring together the sector.

Information and delicate documents which were previously kept in safes and locked rooms are today stored in electronic media. A need for more security and protection has arisen as there has been an increase in their use by companies and even countries as well as personal use.

With the increasing use of technology along with the developing technology, electronic devices are inevitably used in every field of the lives of everybody of all ages all around the world. As the use of technology increases, all of our information and data is kept in electronic media.

With extensive use of technology in every field of our lives due to the developing technology, a need for information security has shown up. A great deal of software and hardware has been manufactured within the sector to meet this need, and the need for such products has increased day by day.

The most important feature of IT Security Exhibition where had aiming to bring together any kind of products, systems, applications, software and all other products to prevent cyber-attacks and information theft is the activities that are held related to these issues.

Smart, secure and cozy solutions for buildings!

All “construction electronics products and building automation systems” that make our lives easy and cozy are being exhibited at International ISAF Smart Home Exhibition that is being held for the 4th time.

Construction electronics products and building automation systems that have been used in all of the buildings that have been constructed in recent years are now indispensable products of our daily lives. It has become much easier to manage many things by such products as mobile devices, smart phones, tablets that have become indispensable pieces of our daily lives via developing technologies. It has today become possible to remotely access and manage electronic devices in our houses. These products which were once considered luxuries have today become accessible and available on a standard basis for everybody.