The facial recognition system implemented in the daily life in China made a strange detection that normal people wouldn’t do!

Facial recognition systems aren’t used only in smart phones, they also appear in the cities now. Also used in Turkey in some locations for now, the facial recognition system is used in China on a large scale. So much so, you can be captured by 3 cameras in China as soon as you step outside of your home. This means a decisive step in terms of security. Of course, on the flip side of the coin, it’s perhaps not so great to feel like you are always being watched. However, there is no way to prevent it now. Facial recognition systems will appear more in public areas in the future. An important system for security, is facial recognition technology actually reliable? Could this system make no mistake or cause no scandal? Yes, this system did cause a scandal in China.

There are 200 million surveillance cameras in China and these cameras constantly run facial identification. Located predominantly at traffic light and pedestrian pass locations, these surveillance cameras detected about 14 thousand violations in the Shenzhen city in 10 months. Perhaps the most renowned of these cases is the case with Dong Mingzhu. Dong Mingzhu is at the center of the scandal.

Dong Mingzhu is the President of the Gree Electric Domestic Appliances company. The largest air-conditioner producer in China, one of the ads for the company was placed on a bus. This ad board has the face of Dong Mingzhu and while the bus is passing through the pedestrian pass on its route, Dong Mingzhu’s face is captured by the radar. In this case, according to the system, it is a violation that Dong Mingzhu is on the road while the road is open for the vehicles. The system identifies that as a violation and immediately notifies the security forces, whereupon a search warrant is issued for Dong Mingzhu.

Thankfully it didn’t take too long to realize that this was a misunderstanding and the situation was clarified. The system is quite new, however, it’s not known how many small errors like this could happen until the system is well configured.