Were you ever curious enough to research a few commercial building security ideas online/ what kind of results did you come across? How useful would you rate them? Did you ever put any of the tips into practice for your own business? One of the main things you’ve probably noticed was that your commercial buildings are considered to be important targets for terrorist attacks, as well as burglaries and acts of vandalism or invasion. While we are not here to alarm you in any way, we believe it would be useful to understand the kind of threats and hazards your business facility is subjected to. Knowing who is your enemy should help you better fight against them. Here are a few clever means of mitigating the most common types of security risks in commercial buildings.

Tip #1: Walk Into The Shoes Of Burglars/Terrorists

  • Walk around your building, the front and backyard, the nearby streets and the entire neighborhood, if possible. Try to get as clear of an image as possible in terms of local security. See if you can notice any neighborhood or city police patrols, or police officers in the street, empty parking lots, abandoned facilities, or poorly lit streets.
  • Are there are important public buildings such as federal buildings that could fall victim terrorist attacks in your area? Make sure you also take a quick look at the security measures that any neighboring businesses in the area have put into practice.
  • Do you notice any visible security locks, bars, and grills on their windows? What about surveillance cameras or light sensors? If you cannot notice any of these, they might be relying on some more streamlined, invisible security practices. And you are highly advised to do the same. They have already gotten in touch with expert security specialists and commercial locksmiths who have advised them on the best security practices.

Tip #2: Assess The Exterior Of Your Building

  • This area is by far the most important element that could make the difference between intruders sneaking in, and burglars and terrorists staying out. If a thief is able to easily breach the exterior of your building, your employees and all of your business gear will be under immediate threat. Them being unable to do so means you have a high level of security on the envelope of your building.
  • You should get in touch with an expert 24 hour emergency locksmith service in town or hire a national service like 24/7 Locksmith Finder and ask them to recommend the most advanced security solutions for your building. Also focus on strengthening your glazing and having your HVAC ventilation system, fortified to achieve better results.
  • Rely on theft-resistant security window film that is not noticeable to passers-by and maintains your building safe, while maintaining its appealing aesthetics.

Tip #3: Invest According To Your Budget

  • You may be tempted to go overboard and buy the fanciest, most expensive and complex security devices and techniques for commercial spaces that have yet seen the light of day
  • However, this might not be necessary. A security specialist should be able to assess your exact needs and tell you what are the most suitable solutions while keeping your budget limitations in mind.
  • Some investments in the security of your building will reduce your energy costs
    in the long term.

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