HIKVISION takes its place among the exhibitors of ISAF

Hikvision is the world leader supplier of innovative security camera products and solutions. Having the largest R&D power in the sector, Hikvision continues to advance in key technologies such as voice and video encoding, video image processing and data storage, as well as promising future technologies like cloud computing, big data and deep learning. Hikvision aims to meet the long-term vision, extending to the security camera industry as well as the smart home technology, industrial automation and automotive electronics sectors. Always creating value for its customers, Hikvision serves with 33 regional offices to show its presence all over the world.

At the ISAF 2018, the company will display new AI (Artificial Intelligence) experiences where it will prove the company’s leadership in exciting fields such as data management and applications. In addition, the third party ecosystem strategy will be exhibited at the Hikvision stand, where the success of the company that shared with its partners is featured. When you visit the Hikvision stand, you will enjoy the Traffic & Transportation and Control Center solutions, TV Wall screens, CCTV security products, fascinating EZVIZ products at the unique “Experience Zone” where you can familiarize yourself with the company’s products and technologies. You’ll be able to see what’s trending in 2018 thanks to our new exciting initiatives.

Hikvision have successfully implemented artificial intelligence technologies in many areas such as Smart Cities, Smart Traffic Systems and Integrated Security Solutions. At the ISAF Exhibition, the company will display the Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) solution, a comprehensive and innovative system, to help reduce traffic jam, identify those who violate the rules, and stop suspicious vehicles with a smart, data-based approach.

The success of a security camera system depends primarily on its management platform. The systems that Hikvision will promote at the exhibition include HikCentral software platform, a smart video management system solution that offers features such as face recognition, person counting, automatic license plate recognition and Access Control systems integration.

Thanks to its ability to produce flexible solutions, Hikvision is able to produce tailor-made solutions for end-users, government agencies, private sector and niche projects which need just basic electronic security system (imaging, registration, access control, etc.). In terms of vertical sectors, they can be classified as Finance and Banking, Hotel, Industrial Facilities, Retail, Mobile (Vehicle & Portable Technologies) and Smart Traffic Solutions. The company offers it services for these sectors based on the Industry 4.0 by developing and producing all kinds of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology products in order to provide more intelligent and efficient end equipment.

Hikvision’s references can be listed as major projects and users such as Kartal Courthouse, Diyarbakir KGYS, Council of State, Turkish Military Academy (Public), Agaoglu Maslak 1453, Acarkent (Housing), Yapı Kredi Bank, Ziraat Bank, Halk Bank, VakıfBank, Is Bank, TEB, Akbank (Finance), and IETT, TCDD, BMC, BIM, MKE, ATAS etc.