As in previous years, Izmir Chamber of Commerce (IZTO) provides support in 2014 in order to incite participation in domestic exhibitions. Incentives of Izmir Chamber of Commerce this year cover our exhibitions: ISAF Safety&Health and ISAF Smart Home.

The incentives provided by Izmir Chamber of Commerce cover only the companies that are registered to Izmir Chamber of Commerce and do not owe any dues. The entire cost of the basic or package stand up to 9 m2 based on the m2 unit price that is paid by the company which participates in the exhibition with the lowest price paid by the members that apply to Izmir Chamber of Commerce for participation in the same exhibition is paid to the applicant company if the application is approved by Izmir Chamber of Commerce.

The total amount that will be paid to the whole of the participant companies will under no circumstances exceed 40.000TL for each exhibition. In case the total amount exceeds 40.000TL, the total amount will be distributed to the companies in accordance with the percentage of the price they pay within the total amount.

Payment will be executed 2-2.5 months later than the closure of the exhibition via EFT to the account stated by the company to Izmir Chamber of Commerce during application. Incentives do not cover stand decorations or extra services provided at the exhibition. In addition, companies that are provided with KOSGEB support are not eligible for this incentive. Only the company itself or one of its branches within the same company will be eligible for incentives within the same year.

To be eligible for incentives, our participants must apply online via the web portal of Izmir Chamber of Commerce 15 days shy of the start of the exhibition.