ISAF, which will take place for the 23rd time in this year, is preparing again to bring together all segments of the sector.

No doubt that ISAF, which is the only event in Turkey that brings together everyone from the international manufacturer to the domestic manufacturer,from the distributor to the dealer, from the implementer to the system integrator, from the end user to the enthusiast and from the highest level of the sector to the bottom, will appeal to a much wider segment in 2019.

The products, one is more interesting than the other, will be exhibited this year, during the ISAF, which is well-prepared for the 2019 with a richer content, compared to the previous years. The great variety of products of the most important companies of the sector in the areas of Security, Information Security, Intelligent Buildings, Occupational Health & Safety and Fire, will be exhibited at the ISAF.

All interested parties and users, at any level, will be able to find the relevant products, services and solutions at the ISAF, where tens of thousands of different products and thousands of brands of over 800 companies will be exhibited in nearly 300 booths.

While it is insufficient for months of study for review, search and compare prices and quality of the products, one is more important than the other, of the sestors covered by ISAF, the visitors of the ISAF will be able to compare all the products, that they are looking for, by separating their maximum 4 days.

The most important difference of ISAF in 2019, is that this year, not only today’s products will be exhibited but also the future products will be introduced. In particular, by visiting ISAF, the professionals operating in the sector will be able to examine the future direction of the products they are interested in, use and wonder about, and will be able to plan accordingly.

We invite all sector professionals, interested parties, enthusiasts and future sector representatives, which will  take part in this sector in the future, to the ISAF, which is the exciting giant meeting of the sector.