It seems obvious that, the fairground, which is already filled months before, will be packed with visitors during the ISAF Exhibition which organized 23rd time this year.

The visitor organization works, which are carried out with care every year, continue also this year with very special activities and by strengthening the previous activities. Apart from working on the lists of public institutions and the private sector, the most important activity is being carried out for the visitors of the previous years.

In 2019, a special activity is being conducted for critical institutions such as the General Directorate of Security, General Command of Gendarmerie, Coast Guard Command and Turkish Armed Forces. With this activity, accommodation of the officials coming from these institutions will also be provided.

The positive effects of the relations, which was developed with the ISAF Exclusive Exhibition in Ankara, between the organization and institutions, will make itself felt during the ISAF 2019.

Correspondence has started and is continuing rapidly for the requests regarding the quota of 250 people, which were allocated for the accommodation of institutions, which we do special work for all of its units.

ISAF, which competes every year with its success in previous years, will break its own visitor record in 2019!