“Hosting private visitor” activity, which is one of the most important activities underlying ISAF’s success, will take place by being strengthened also in 2019.

Within the scope of these special activities, which will take place as part of the ISAF Fire & Rescue Exhibition, all fire departments and fire marshals of our country are invited to the Exhibition.

During the invitation process, which are held by one-to-one meetings by our Visitor Organization team, the information of fire departments are being updated and the names of the officials who will visit the Exhibition, are being confirmed. Considering a significantly higher number of accommodation of fire departments, which will be over 100 in total, it is certain that the ISAF will have increasing number of visitors from fired departments in 2019 compared to the previous years.

As the 2019 ISAF Fire & Rescue Exhibition approaches, the growing demand for information and accommodation show us that the Exhibition will be extremely beneficial for our exhibitors.

Our firefighters who will be together with the leading companies of the fire sector and fire departments for four days, will have the opportunity to follow all the innovations in the sector and examine the latest technology products.

You will find all relating to Fire, Emergency, Search and Rescue at ISAF 2019 Fire & Rescue Exhibition!