A few steps ahead of the sector, ISAF 2020 is prepared with great surprises for all participants and visitors who want to follow the developments.

ISAF Exhibition, which will take place for the 24th time on 8-11 October 2020, will bring the sector together with a more different aspect compared to the previous years.

ISAF, which is organized as 5 main topics of Security, IT Security, Smart Home, Fire & Rescue, Safety & Health, will meet the sector with a very different image in 2020 with the changes which will be made in the content of IT Security and Smart Home.

The scope of the IT Security Exhibition was expanded and renamed as Cyber ​​Security, while the name of the Smart Home Exhibition was changed to the Smart Life Exhibition. With this change, it was aimed to increase the participation of the companies operating in the Cyber ​​Security field and the sector professionals, and to expand the Smart field with the title of Smart Life.

With this change the regular visitors of the ISAF Exhibition will be able to see a wider range of products and expand their fields of activity, while they will be able to follow the latest technology products and technologies that make our lives easier at the Smart Life Exhibition.

We invite the entire industry to participate in this exciting change of the ISAF.