Achieving a growth every passing year since 1999, ISAF made an important progress and growth in 2018 as well. At ISAF, products were exhibited on 219 stands in 5 main sections. On these 219 stands, products of over 600 global and local brands were exhibited. Senior executives and representatives of almost all exhibitors took part in the exhibition and had the opportunity to introduce and present their thousands of different products and models to the visitors.

The exhibition was organized on an area of 20,000 square meters and covered the 5 main fields as follows:

  • 22nd ISAF Security Exhibition (22nd International Security Systems and Services Exhibition)
  • 7th ISAF IT Security Exhibition (7th International Information, Network and Cyber ​​Security Exhibition )
  • 7th ISAF Smart Home Exhibition (7th International Smart Buildings and Building Automation Exhibition )
  • 22nd ISAF Fire & Rescue Exhibition (22nd International Fire, Emergency, Search & Rescue Exhibition)
  • 7th ISAF Safety & Health Fair (7th International Occupational Health and Safety Exhibition)

174 local companies exhibited in the exhibition and promoted the products and services they produce, represent or offer. Also, 42 companies from 64 countries exhibited, promoted their products and had talks with local partners in the exhibition.

A total of 16,352 local people visited the ISAF from 77 of 81 provinces. International visitors also showed interest in the exhibition, which hosted 1,043 visitors from 64 countries. An important part of the international visitors was the international buyers hosted by Marmara Fair Organization, which organized the exhibition. A large number of foreign visitors who visited the exhibition for direct co-operation negotiations and procurement established great business connections.

Companies already want to exhibit at ISAF 2019 and there are positive feedbacks from the visitors, indicating even now that ISAF 2019, which is planned to be organized on October 17th-20th, 2019, will break a new record.