Küpçelik continues its works in the steel sector without limiting its targets. With its experienced staff as a mission, Küpçelik, adopting a happy and healthy future with its valuable customers, has determined its vision as to provide production in all product groups that are open to developments in international quality standards, effective, sensitive to the environment and human health that also meets the expectations of consumers.

The officials of the Küpçelik Company, which will attend the ISAF Exhibition for the second time in 2020, stated that they were very impressed by the crowded and warm environment they saw when they attended the first year. In addition, they expressed their appreciation for ISAF as an exhibition that appeals to all companies of the big and small sector.

Küpçelik officials, who were also asked about their plans for 2020, indicated that, “As sub-sector, destructive competition has occurred against the players that have grown in the cabinet market, there are sales at a loss in the domestic market. We will push the export markets in terms of overcoming these effects. ”

When you visit Küpçelik stand, you will be easily examining the cabin and shelf systems.

We wish Küpçelik to have an efficient fair at the ISAF Exhibition, which will take place in Istanbul Expo Center on 8-11 October 2020.