The leading company of Smart home / building systems, Multitek offers TC70 video apartment phone which was developed in their own R&D departments and its R&D was supported by KOSGEB, to the market in ISAF that is great reunion of the sector.

TC70 offers more than a video apartment phone to the customer service. It almost brings communication, automation and safety works under its control and performs faultlessly any orders provided. The only thing that the user should do is to describe orders in user friendly touch screen of TC70 about what shall be done in automation and safety of the place where they live in.

The striking features of device can be counted as follows; svelte lines, 4 touch-operated easy use buttons, touch-operated, 7” TFT, high definition numeral screen, to read the messages which is left by your neighbor or apartment manager, to bring the view of 8 cameras connected to system into the screen with one button, to save the images of the people who called you from the door thanks to the image memory with SD Card, turn on/off or to control any other electrical devices automatically the lights thanks to house automation features and wireless safety systems.