Ölçsan, which has turned its 46 years of experience with its national design and production principles in the areas of software, hardware and integration, will take place at the ISAF Exhibition for the 5th time.

Ölçsan, whose priority objectives are to create awareness by promoting the “Smart and Safe Cities” solutions and “City on Cloud” platform to the visitors in accordance with the needs and responsibilities of the epoch we live in, will exhibit its special products, K!M STMS Integrated Security Management Platform, which has strong authentication capability that enables supervision and control by providing real-time situational awareness on system security, during the ISAF Exhibition.

K!M positive and its sub-brands such as K!M SAA, K!M STMS, KIMO, FalconEYE 3D, EagleEye, K!M positive KD1000-FP Desktop, K!M positive PDi Flex, K!M positive PDi Mobile, which are manufactured by Turkish software developers and engineers, will be introduced during the ISAF Exhibition. In addition, Morpho, HID, AGASY (General Smart Lighting System Management), as well as access control, biometrics, smart cards, products and applications of the EyeLock and EyeVerify brands that are used in the fields of environmental and border security, will also meet with the interested parties at the Ölçsan stand for four days.

“The ISAF Security Exhibition, which brings the world’s electronic security systems sector together, maintains its characteristic of being an important organization of the field for many years. ISAF, which has shown continuous physical growth since the first year it was organized, has the distinction of being a growing exhibition every year, also in terms of quality. The Exhibition provides the basis for the new relationships as a meeting point where exhibitors and visitors have the opportunity to follow developments and innovations in the sector.” Burak SONDAL, General Manager of Ölçsan said regarding the ISAF Security Exhibition.