Özak Exhibits at ISAF for the 34th Time! – ISAF

Özak Exhibits at ISAF for the 34th Time!

Özak was founded in 1974 as Türkiye’s leading turnstile manufacturer. In the field of transit technologies, it produces product groups such as turnstiles, road blockers, mushroom barriers, tire traps and arm barriers. The company continues its production in its facilities with a closed area of 24,000 square meters and exports to more than 80 countries.

Gülşen Taşdemir / Özak / Marketing Manager:
We are proud to participate in the annual ISAF Exhibition. This exhibiition is an important platform that provides the opportunity to present the innovations and technological advances in our industry to visitors. Rapidly evolving technologies bring constant change and improvements to our products and systems. ISAF Exhibition offers the opportunity to closely follow this dynamic change and monitor important developments in the sector. Many important innovations and activities are exhibited and shared thanks to this trade show.

Our expectation is to get to know our target customer better and shape our services in accordance with the needs of these customers. While ISAF offers us this opportunity, it also allows our target customer to become aware of us and our products. We hope that such opportunities will continue to increase.

We will have new products that we will sell in the Turkish market at ISAF in 2024.

The products to be introduced at ISAF 2024 focus on Pedestrian and Vehicle Access Control Systems, which is our main production. There are various products in Pedestrian Access Control Systems such as Waist type, Height type, Disabled Passage, Fast Passage and High Security Turnstiles. Additionally, there are also Special Production Turnstiles designed according to customer requests. In Vehicle Access Control Systems, there are various products such as Road Blocker, Mushroom Barrier and Vehicle Barriers.

We wish Özak to have a productive exhibition at ISAF, which will be held at Istanbul Expo Center between 9-12 October.