Ozmeta Elektronik began its activities by producing general audio devices in Ankara in 1998. Ever since, the company carried out R&D works at all times and it currently makes production in line with today’s technology with TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) and KOSGEB (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization of Turkey) supported projects. In addition to audio devices, the company led the industry across the country when it comes to programmed smart school clocks, programmed azan devices, wireless alarm systems, EN 54-16 compatible emergency alert and addressed alarm systems and became an exemplary producer.

In order to maintain this leading position, make better production and offer better services, the company established a cutting-edge production plant in Gersan Industrial Site in Ankara over an indoor area of 2,000 square meters, where it continues its production. Open to all kinds of innovation and development, Ozmeta Elektronik not only conducts its own projects but also gains diverse experience in projects developed by the company’s experienced personnel in its department of project design and provides its customers with productions offering custom solutions. It aims to offer more secure services with better quality with its extensive dealers across Turkey that grow every day, ISO 9001 quality certificate and After Sales Service and Qualification Certificates obtained from TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) and the Ministry of Industry for after sales services.

In addition to all these works, the company turned its Emergency Alert Systems from among its production groups into an addressable system in 2019 to adapt to the digital world. R&D works are underway to make the infrastructure for these systems functional with Fiber Optic cables and networks. It offers seminars to and holds meetings with its dealers and customers to extend configuration of these works.

Ozmeta Elektronik will launch its own professional 100-volt emergency alert systems, new generation addressed emergency alert systems, smart program school clocks, versatile and professional serial mixer amplifiers, portable charged mixer amplifiers, wireless alarm and azan systems and language laboratory audio systems in ISAF.

The company’s priority in targeted markets is its dealers across Turkey. Electrical Subcontractors of construction companies are the customer groups to which the company offers the largest project support. These companies are offered materials and project support on Emergency Alert Audio, which is a branch of low voltage current systems.  These companies and their projects are financed both locally and from abroad. Ozmeta Elektronik also leads the industry when it comes to wireless azan and alarm systems used across Turkey and is proud to be the one and only company that makes production on language laboratories in Turkey.

We hope Ozmeta Elektronik will have a productive experience in ISAF 2019 Exhibition, which will take place on October 17th-20th, 2019 in Istanbul Expo Center.