Perimeter Security Products and the Shift in the Market

Being one of the most important ones among the main products listed under the security systems title, Perimeter Security Systems constitute the pinnacle of security at critical points, buildings and zones.

The market share of the Perimeter Security Systems is still not at a rightful level in spite of its critical features. The pre-eminent reason for it is that technology products are more professional in comparison with the other products in the market. Furthermore, that the users of the access control systems and the surveillance systems range broadly from a single-user area to homeland security results in system manufacturers focusing more on these fields.

Being the most imperative security component in border security, critical points, specific facilities and zones, Perimeter Security Systems are used to detect and prevent intrusions into specified areas. As the benefits of using Perimeter Security Systems which have crucial importance in terms of prevention of threat beforehand are approved of, their use is increasing day by day.

Considering the worldwide use of, the turnover of the total market including the entire components is predicted to reach 96.5 billion USD in 2026 from 61.3 billion USD in 2022 with a 7.9% rise.

This growth that is predicted in the global market is also expected to occur in our country, too. The need for Perimeter Security Systems is increasing day by day in our country because of facing a wide range of threats due to its geographical position. The domestic market is predicted to boom in a few years, and this growth rate in expected to be considerably higher than that of other main security products.

For this reason, Perimeter Security Systems have been specially focused on in the planning of the ISAF Exhibition that is the meeting point of the security sector in our country. A wide variety of products ranging from electronic systems to such physical products as fences and wires is the target exhibition at the ISAF Exhibition. Noteworthy changes in the variety of the exhibition visitors are also expected in parallel with this transformation.

ISAF will cover Perimeter Security Systems under the following main titles:

  • Demarcation and delimitation products such as fences, wires, etc.
  • Gates/Doors, barriers, access control systems,
  • Electronic systems,
  • Perimeter security components.

Like the changes and developments happening in all the electronic systems, changes in Perimeter Security Systems are also in progress. We are planning to include in the ISAF Exhibition all the perimeter security systems and their components that have come to the fore along with the developing technologies.

Today’s Prominent Perimeter Security Components

Lidar (Laser Imaging, Detection, and Ranging)
Lidar which is indisputably the most important component of perimeter security systems is a method for determining ranges by targeting an object with a laser and measuring the time for the reflected light to return to the receiver. It is similar to the radar. Instead of the radio waves used in radars, Lidar uses light, i.e. laser probes.

Lidar emits laser probes to an object and determines its distance by measuring the time for the reflected light to return. Coupled with the sensor systems whose use is increasing especially in the automotive industry as well as many different ones, costs are rapidly decreasing.

Optical Fiber
A fiber-optic sensor is a sensor that makes use of optical fibers as a detection sensor or for transmission of signals from a remote sensor to the electronic part which processes the signals. Multiple uses of fibers in remote detection make these products enticing.

Wireless connections
Wireless connections which were not widely used in the past because of the high costs and inefficiency of the technology have now become one of the most important parts of the perimeter security systems. The advances in the wireless technology have increased the trust in the products and the use of wireless communication between the sensor and the main system.

Smart devices, telephones, tablets
Smart devices which are used for even smallest routines today have reached an important point in the remote management of the perimeter security systems. Being used for not only management but also surveillance and monitoring, the use of smart devices has now become a requirement.

Cameras, Monitoring Systems
As an absolute requirement for all the security solutions and applications, Monitoring Systems maintain and even enhance their importance within the perimeter security systems. Being used for the purpose of remotely monitoring the alarm point instantly in case of an alarm, Monitoring Systems also provide the opportunity to scan the past with its recording features.

Having become more important for the perimeter security thanks to software used, Monitoring Systems pose additional importance with their number-plate recognition as well as determining the alarm point very close to where it was triggered.

ISAF Exhibition proudly invites
All the sector representatives and companies to exhibit their products and solutions,
All the users of the products of the perimeter security systems to explore the products
On October 13-16, 2022.