About ISAF and IMEX Exhibitions

ISAF which is the exhibition of Security, Cyber Security, Smart Life, Fire and Occupational Safety and Health sectors is one of the most renowned brands of the world in its field.

The international communications facilitated within the scope of the ISAF operations which started in 1999 were established remotely until 2007. As a result of the direct international operations that started in 2007, all the important sectoral exhibitions were visited, all the sector companies were interviewed, and ISAF was introduced to the world with the worldwide sectoral publications and cooperation with non-governmental organizations.

Being the only domestic meeting point of the sector, ISAF has, over the years, become an important exhibition that is well-known by not only the sectors it covers but also the Technology and IT sectors. Followed regularly by tens of thousands of visitors from different sectors, ISAF has been top-ranking among not only in its own field but also all the sectoral exhibitions.

In spite of this recognition, the site where ISAF used to be held had to remain limited due to the layout of the exhibition area then. Thanks to the change that was expected for many years, ISAF was relocated from Halls 9-10-11 to Halls 5-6-7 at the Istanbul Exhibition Center in 2021. The 16.000m2 gross area of the exhibition scaled up to 25.000m2 thanks to this relocation.

This change has enabled the recognition of ISAF as the most important domestic Technology event currently and merging the Technology and IT Exhibition areas into this exhibition as Marmara Fair Organization. IMEX Technology and IT Exhibition began to be held simultaneously with ISAF in 2021.

With the growth of the halls as of 2022, ISAF that was unable to fulfill its potential since it used to be held in a limited area will, in terms of its capaciousness, be able to compete with the other important exhibitions held worldwide in these fields. The presence of the Halls 1-2-3-4-8 which will meet the growth predicted to occur in the exhibition will, furthermore, ensure a rapid growth of ISAF.

When we ask, “What are the most important titles of today?”, most of the answers will doubtlessly be “Technology and IT.” ISAF is simultaneously held with IMEX Technology and IT Exhibition which is conducted as one that covers these most important titles of today and brings together all the partners of the sector.

The biggest sector exhibition which is domestically held covering these fields have come into being thanks to IMEX Technology and IT Exhibition covering the most important sector of today and being simultaneously held with ISAF which is currently one of the most renowned brands in the world.

The first steps of IMEX Technology and IT Exhibition which was first held in 2021 proved very fruitful. The total number of visitors of ISAF and IMEX broke the all-time record with completely professional 19.300 visitors, exceeding the highest number of 18.300 reached in the previous years. Being the only domestic exhibition, among the others, whose number of visitors increased in spite of having been held under the pandemic circumstances, ISAF and IMEX have managed to indicate what sort of exhibitions they will prove to be in the upcoming years.

2022 projections and planning made about ISAF and IMEX Exhibitions are

  • Exhibition of products of more than 1.000 companies at 400 booths,
  • 000m2 area brimful of visitors,
  • Visits to our exhibitions by a new profile of visitors,
  • Total number of 30.000 visitors almost all of whom are professionals,
  • Doubled number of international participants and visitors compared to the pre-pandemic period,
  • Such activities by our exhibition participants as presentations, solution demonstrations, shows.

The participant feedbacks from the ISAF and IMEX Exhibitions held under the pandemic circumstances in 2021 demonstrated a satisfaction rate of 100%. All the participants of the exhibitions achieved spectacular results. All the operations and preparations are being planned and carried out meticulously and carefully in order to carry this success one step further in 2022.

The entire sector is invited to join us on October 13-16, 2022, at the IMEX Exhibition, the first exhibition on the fields of Technology and IT, and the ISAF Exhibition, which has finally reached its well-deserved place indeed.