SIBERNETIK takes its place among the exhibitors of ISAF

Sibernetik is a company that produces innovative solutions in the field of technology informatics and electronics. It is a company that aims to ensure the continuity of the services required by the institutions and to meet the expectations at the highest level by producing high technology and modern solutions.

Sibernetik’s services mainly include the following:

Security solutions; There are IP cameras, 4k security cameras, wireless security cameras, network recording devices, CCTV cameras, encoders and software products in the company’s range of monitoring and surveillance products. Software development; the company adapts opportunity management, customer relations, personnel and payroll infrastructure and inventory management infrastructure. System network; It includes services such as installation, setup and operation of network devices, installation, setup, editing of internet services and technical support provision. Training and consultancy; the company provides software development trainings to enable the user to maintain the software we deliver with his own team. Server technologies; Server and storage unit services are offered for data centers. The company also design high-processing computers and provides their support.

As an exhibitor of ISAF 2018 Security Exhibition, Sibernetik will display its Swedish AXIS products.