SIBERTEK takes its place among the exhibitors of ISAF

Sibertek, a regular exhibitor of ISAF, is one of the leading companies in its sector.

Sibertek’s product range includes Road Blocker, Mushroom Barrier, Manual Mushroom Barrier, Fixed Bollard, Fence Cable Detection System, Barrier Systems, Camera Systems, Electronic Perimeter Security Systems, Card Access Systems, Trap System, Turnstiles, Door Motors, Metal Detectors, License Plate Recognition Systems, X-Ray Equipment, Border Element, Steel Border Element, and Fixed LED Mushroom Barriers.

At ISAF Security Exhibition, Sibertek will mainly feature its Road Blockers, Mushroom Barriers, Manual Mushroom Barriers, Fixed Bollards, Fence Cable Detection Systems and Steel Border Elements.

The company’s products are used in municipalities, hotels, ports, power plants, airports, military facilities, private lands, refineries, warehouses, factories, petrochemical plants and all other industrial facilities.