Sisar Engineering which has been offering services in its areas of expertize Fire Engineering and Fire Protection since 1998, took its place among  2017 ISAF Fire&Rescue exhibitors.


The firm that is offering services about Fire Detection and Warning Systems, Fire Extinguishing Systems with Water/ Foam / Gas, Automatic Extinguishing Systems, Fire Consultation, Fire trainings and projects will exhibit fire detection and extinguishing products of USA based Tyco and Greece based Firepor at the 21th ISAF Fire&Rescue Exhibition.


Some of the highlighted systems will be Aerosol Gas Extinguishing System of FirePro and Fire Detection and Fire Extinguishing Systems of TYCO which are the companies that Sisar is a distributor of. Besides, Sisar Engineering will share its experiences with visitors about consultation and education on the exhibition ground.


Sisar Engineering is not a manufacturer but a contractor company that is offering services in the area of fire protection. Distinguishing systems especially for locations with electricity, chemical depots, factories and vehicles are highlighted and their target market includes all areas with fire risks particularly the industry, hotels, Shopping Centres and Marinas.


According to the sectors, its reference list includes companies from particularly from automotive and textile industries and also from food, chemicals and energy sectors. Sisar Engineering offers a turn-key service for its fire protection need of its customers from project drawing to risk analysis, undertaking (mechanical-electronical), periodical maintenance, installation, service and material supply.