TANSA has always been the leading brand in the Turnstile Systems industry by producing innovative and high-quality products in today’s heavily competitive technology. Turnstiles which can be integrated with access control systems are preferred in 5 continents and 34 countries, creating a serious reference network. Advances in technology brought forward the idea of producing turnstiles that can operate in any area in any level of comfort. In today’s technology, TANSA has been a user friendly, reliable brand that keeps up with technology with the turnstiles it has produced in many areas such as plazas, business centers, industrial facilities, public transportation, entertainment and concert areas, stadiums and sports facilities. The LTOP series quick access turnstiles are the most preferred model of TANSA’s product range. The reason is its aesthetic structure and visual perception. Highly advanced technological equipment inside the product is among the major features that lead customers to prefer it. Holding significant reference on integrated Turnstile systems with its stadium access control systems, TANSA has been indispensable with the 25 stadium projects it incorporated in the last 3 years. TANSA is preferred in the rail systems and transportation industry. TANSA continues to be at the top with its solutions for subway and public transportation.

Tripod turnstiles, tall turnstiles, optical turnstiles and swinggate turnstiles will be offered to visitors in the TANSA stand in ISAF 2019. E-Gate Quick Access Turnstile With Passport and Biometric Check is the new technological quick access turnstile model that will be launched and promoted to visitors in the exhibition this year.

Tansa’s Istanbul 3rd Airport passport access unit project is currently its most prominent reference. Tansa is proud that a domestic high technology system is used in such a popular project for Turkey. Ciragan Palace, Topkapi Palace, Besiktas Vodafone Arena Stadium, Caglayan Court House, Avrasya Subway Line, THY Cargo Buildings, Bilisim Vadisi, Istanbul Technical University, Medical Park hospitals group and more are among the industry references in the areas of education, transportation, health, construction, logistics, media, finance and sports.

We hope TANSA will have a productive experience in ISAF 2019, which will take place on October 17th-20th, 2019 in Istanbul Expo Center.