Arma Kontrol was established in 2006 to make the name of a Turkish company heard worldwide in the security industry. Considering the company’s 12 years of history, today Arma Kontrol’s logo appears in various projects not only in Turkey but also in many countries in the world. As one of the most prominent companies in the industry with productions and completed projects, the company constantly works and develops itself to make living areas safer with security barrier systems. Arma Kontrol shows its quality with its international certificates as well. It’s the first Turkish company that holds the certificates earned through the Road Blockers and Rising Bollards entirely developed by Turkish engineers and produced in Turkey.

Arma Kontrol will promote its Road Blocker System, Rising Bollard System, Boom Barrier System, Spike Barrier and Parking Systems products and launch its Road Blocker System and Rising Bollard System products in ISAF 2019. The area of use and target industries of the products have been to create a safer environment in thousands of projects ranging from public organizations to historical venues, airports to tunnels, banks to shopping malls, organized industrial zones which are the heart of production in Turkey to construction industry. Arma Kontrol considers not only its products but also sustainable collaboration through after sale services as a priority. It enjoys having quickly become a growing brand that is demanded in the global arena and is proud to be a completely Turkish brand and shares this excitement and pride with its business partners.

Arma Kontrol’s references include the Eurasian Tunnel (Road Blocker System), Presidential Complex (Pas68 Road Blocker System), Ministry of Interior (Road Blocker System), Koc Holding (Rising Bollard System), Directorate General of Turkish Airlines (Road Blocker and Rising Bollard System), General Directorate of Turkish Is Bank (Road Blocker System), Sultanahmet Square (Rising Bollard System), Dap Construction Headquarters (Road Blocker System), Riot Squad Branch Office (Road Blocker System), Undersecretariat of Defense Industry (Road Blocker System and Spike Barrier), Istanbul Anatolian Side Courthouse (Road Blocker System), Celik Motor (Boom Barrier and Rising Bollard System), Anadolu Group (Rising Bollard System).

We hope ARMA KONTROL will have a productive experience in ISAF Exhibition, which will take place on October 17th-20th, 2019 in Istanbul Expo Center.