Organized since 2000, ISAF increases its recognition and reliability every day.

ISAF Exhibition has been organized 22 times over 19 years, including 10 times in Ankara and 12 times in Istanbul. Representing a total of 25 organizations after 19 years with the inclusion of ISAF Exclusive Exhibition and Conference in 2016, which has been organized 3 times, ISAF brand improves and renews itself every year.

3rd ISAF Exclusive Exhibition and Conference held in Sheraton Ankara Hotel & Convention Center on March 13th – 15th brought together the prominent companies of the industry with top buyers. Organized with the recent Confex (Conference-Expo) concept adopted worldwide with an unprecedented approach, ISAF Exclusive Exhibition and Conference completed its third year with positive feedback and appreciation of all segments exhibiting, visiting, making speech, attending as audience and remotely following up. Having received appreciation and gratitude on such scale that is hard to come by in an event, the show closed with a result that inspires more effective achievements for future years.

Now it’s time to prepare for International ISAF Exhibition, which will take place for the 23rd time on October 17th – 20th.

Even though ISAF Exclusive Exhibition and Conference was supported by ISAF Exhibition held in Istanbul when it first began to be organized, it became an organization that stood on its own feet and even supported ISAF Istanbul Exhibition in its third year.

With the synergy of ISAF Exclusive Exhibition and Conference, which is organized in Ankara and ISAF Exhibition, which is organized in Istanbul, it is going to be a very dynamic industry meeting of October 17th – 20th that brings together literally all stakeholders of the industry. As the platform where a significant part of the commercial activity in the industry takes place, commences and ends, ISAF will bring about a larger trade volume this year.

We’re looking forward to see all stakeholders of the industry in this important meeting of the industry.