Enhancing its international recognition on a yearly basis, ISAF’s international works for 2019 began much earlier than the exhibition itself just as they did in previous years.

Works commenced right after the exhibition of 2018 came to an end and the first leg of the international works was about developing the international representation network. ISAF has achieved certain maturity in representation for exhibitors in the countries where the industry is productive and the plan for 2019 has been to develop the visitor representation network in particular.

Major progress has been achieved as a result of the negotiations made for creating hosted buyers who will visit the exhibition from the countries that make purchase from Turkey. These works aim to ensure that ISAF successfully hosts the overseas visitors whose number significantly increased in 2019 compared to the previous years and they will continue non-stop until the exhibition’s opening date.

As the overseas exhibitor and visitor ratio increases each year, another major increase is anticipated for 2019, which will make significant contributions to Turkish exports in the industries covered by ISAF.