Yalcin SARI, CEO of Tansa said the following; ISAF Exhibition is one of the key trade fairs that we attend regularly every year as Tansa Turnike. It is an important organization that brings together different exhibitors every year and contributes to meeting new companies and expanding our sectoral relations. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we were deprived of this important organization in 2020. As in all sectors, the security sector has suffered this painful process and continues to do so. We are very excited and happy to take our place in the ISAF Exhibition, which is a crucial event for us.

We expect to welcome both domestic and foreign exhibitors with a much stronger infrastructure this year. As you will appreciate, with the break we took in 2020, we seriously need an environment with innovation and dynamism at the forefront. Our expectations from ISAF, which will host industries to exhibit their own innovative solutions, are similar. We hope it will be a pleasant event.

As Tansa, we developed our hygiene product groups to benefit human health during the 2020 pandemic. We completed the R&D preparation process of “Disinfection Systems and Solutions” and provided them for the use of people.

We made our biggest investment move for 2021 in the overseas market. With the investments we made, we gained new momentum in our production network by developing our new products and product groups. We are planning to display our new products at ISAF Exhibition this year.

This year, in addition to our existing models, we will also be promoting our next generation turnstiles at ISAF. In addition, the products and solutions we developed for the pandemic will also be displayed for our visitors.